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Published: 16 January 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

This case is a great example of why you can’t let even *small* issues escalate with a company that’s NOT lived up to their end of a transaction. I ordered $175.00 in product from the PAPERWISHES.COM company. On December 11, 2013, I received a box of goods, with the enclosed sheet delineating MY order. But the order contained a set of completely different and very inexpensive items, the value of which would be nowhere near that of my now missing order. Assuming the best of this company, I called them. The Customer Service line went unanswered. The SALES line was ALWAYS answered — but by people who would repeatedly say “”We can’t ook up your order nor can we communicate with anyone that can. Please call the Customer Service line. On and on it went. Our of necessity, I contacted DISCOVER to tell them of this transaction, asking them to open a dispute. They did so. My $175 was recredited to my account, and I assumed the matter would be over. In fact, I kept the order [original box and contents] I’d *mistakenly* received, thinking the company would eventually ask for it back. On the weekend of April 5, I was reviewing my DISCOVER bill and discovered they’d CHARGED MY CARD AGAIN for the $175.00. THIS TIME I CONTACTED DISCOVER and told the agent there I believed this transaction would fit the criteria for a FRAUDULENT TRANSACTION in that they KNEW of the dispute concerning this charge and intentionally put through ANOTHER CHARGE against my DISCOVER CARD knowing full well I had complained that I had never received the order and had, in fact, an order in my possession which could be traced had anyone ever bothered to investigate my initial complaint. The DISCOVER card agent advised that the company had argued with them over this transaction and YET had never contacted me to set things right and provide me with the original order AS ORDERED. He asked me to provide any documentation I had that might support the allegations against this company. Today, I called the company again and got the same ducking and dodging I’d received back in December, this time on tape. CONSUMERS: It’s imperative you DOCUMENT every aspect of every transaction in order to prove YOUR SIDE of any transaction. This is becoming more common daily. PAPER WISHES rest assured you won’t be keeping my $175.00. .

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