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a horror story- hope no else ever faces it

It was a sheer nightmare unfolding for us when we took our teenaged son to Paradigm Teen Treatment Centre at Malibu. The administration seemed unnecessarily aggressive and demanding from the start and their tone was confrontational. We had gone there to seek guidance on behavioural health issues. We had already made them aware that it would be difficult for the first few days since these were comprehensive issues. Dr. Neumann at this centre only had oodles of attitude without any warmth whatsoever and disregarded everything we told her. We were just cut off without any need for suggestions/guidance. When I called for a discussion, I was rudely pushed away. The organization, as I feel it now, is really dishonest and uncaring. The fact that my son has to be carefully nurtured and accepted was lost on them and his horrible experience has made him go deeper into his shell and he has lost all his self-esteem while developing a deep-rooted distrust of other people.

They are to be blamed since they did not undertake any proper investigation into the causes of my child’s behavioural issues and simply refused to listen to anything. These guys do not know how to treat affected people and no one should go to them. While searching online, I came across other people who have been similarly affected. One parent states that Paradigm Malibu was the worst fit for her child since they promised the moon but ultimately gave no results. This parent noticed unnecessary interactions between all the children and when she highlighted this fact, the people essentially told her off in no uncertain terms. They kept trying to get my son to keep staying at the facility without proper reasons. Some of the people are already on insurance and left swiftly while those like this parent who paid upfront were being told to stay. Once the parent took her child away from this facility, it was discovered that these guys used to have a different program with a different name that was known for taking horrible care of children. There was even a suicide attempt at this facility. This earlier company was sold off for handsome money and the same fraudulent thing was being done in this case.

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