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Beware of this misleading, ridiculous & disgusting company!!

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Published: 25 November 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

Everyone takes their house as a most safe and welcoming place where one can enjoy to the full extent without any restrictions and everyone try to make their house as comfortable as they can with all the luxuries they need. With this idea to make my house more comfortable for me and my family I went to this Paradise Home improvement company so that I could make some upgradation in my house and do some repairs.
They showed me some good products and offered some awesome deals for the repairs which had to be done as they were showing me good deals I also told them to paint the interiors of my bedroom and living room. They made a full package of the services which they would provide with a rate which was in my budget so I accepted the deal. I returned satisfied back home thinking that after the job would be completed my family would be very happy to see the new interiors and the upgradation in the house. The staff came the next day and started the work. I was promised that the whole job would be completed in a week and I could surprise my wife and my children as they would return after 9 days.
I was very excited but all the excitement turned to depression when the staff started to behave in a repulsive and odious manner. They started to break things in my house with sheer carelessness and didn’t even apologize for the loss they concurred on me. On the other hand they behaved like it was nothing and while doing these types of upgradation accidents happen. The water got over the bridge when they broke the traditional vase which my mother gifted to me on my birthday. I was so infuriated that I called their supervisor as the staff was very repulsive. When I called their supervisor I came to know that he was such a garrulous guy that he didn’t even answered my single question with a true answer. As so many loses had been already occurred, I demanded the staff to finish the work with as much time they needed as the reason they gave me for the accidents was the deal I made with the company in which the whole was to be completed in a week. I was so disappointed that I called their supervisor again and demanded the answer for this for which he scoffed at me that I was unable to see the fore comes of my deal. At that time, I was so angry that I threatened them to involve my attorney if they didn’t stand on the deal, they mad with me and didn’t completed my work on time without any more loss to my property and my house. At that time, they listened to me a little and send more staff so that the work could be completed on time. But the labor working in my house did the work in such a hap-hazard way that they ruined the thing which were already installed correctly installed and were functioning properly.
When all the parts were installed correctly and all the upgradation was done it was time to repaint the bedroom and the living room. At that time, I was told by the staff that the company doesn’t paint the that moment the rug swept from under my feet. I was so shocked that at the time of finalizing the deal they assured me to repaint my interiors and now they suddenly backed out on that service. That very moment I called their supervisor and I demanded the answer for this sudden reply from their staff. He told me to hand over the phone to one of their labor and he convinced him to repaint my interiors on the condition that I have to pay some extra money. I was so furious that I told them to go back, gave them the money of the deal as I just wanted them to get out of my house.
They turned my paradise into a hell in just a week. So, people be alert and aware of this paradise home improvement company as they falsely make a fake deal with you and don’t stand on the promises and the deal which they finalize with you. Do not be scammed by their name of the company as they only have the word PARADISE in their company name but they will turn your house in a living hell by ruining what so ever is correctly functioning and with false accusations on you for which you are not even responsible. I will never recommend this company to anyone, it is just the horrible company ever.

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