Paradise Park Missouri

Dear reader, please avoid this place at all costs.

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Published: 20 August 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

Paradise Park is an amusement park located at Lee’s Summit, Missouri. It claims to be the most perfect place for friends and family as it has all types of games; from arcade games to go-karts. The park must’ve been started with the aim to be a source of enjoyment for all age groups but now it’s the worst place you can go to. I had a horrible experience with this place and I know I’m not the only one. Many customers are dissatisfied with the experience they had here. I’m not sure if it’s okay for anyone to bring their kids here. My son got seriously injured when I brought him here. The management didn’t even bother to check him or provide him any assistance. Nope. I had to take my kid out of that place and get him treated. There was one good security guard who took the initiative of bringing the first aid kit but the rest of the staff members weren’t doing anything.
People are not blind! I was watching how the staff members didn’t care about an injured kid. If these people don’t even bother to care for an injured kid then what good are they? I complained about it but the management just brushed me off. Later on, I did some research online and I came across a bunch of complaints against these goons.
One of the families says that they went to Paradise Park with their grandparents because they claim to satisfy all age groups. When they entered the Paradise Park and asked about the games, the manager said all of the games were out of order.
A father has reported a serious injury to his son because of this park. He went for the go-karts and had a serious accident while dodging the other kart. Incidents like these can happen anywhere but if the fault is of the park or management, it becomes a serious issue which should not be ignored. The accessories used for protection must be of good quality. The management of Paradise Park should seriously look after the accessories they provide with such games.
The hunting or exploring games require sufficient space and space must be clean enough. Unfortunately, no measures have been taken for the cleanliness of Paradise Park which is injurious to health. The unhygienic environment serves as a repellent; therefore, the management should make a proper committee to look after the garbage issue.
Customers also get an opportunity to have memberships but they are supposed to give a little support when it comes to bills. Customers who chose their membership option had to face the sound loss of money. They offer quite attractive offers but in reality, the offers have some hidden charges that are deducted automatically from your bank account once you have chosen their membership.
Don’t trust those misleading claims and ads. They are nothing more than a bunch of lies. Please don’t fall for them. Go there at your own risk.

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