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Published: 29 March 2019

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Short Version: Stay away from these crooks. Long Version: I went into Paramus Nissan and met a very nice gentlemen by the name of Angel. He works in the service department and took care of me from test-drive to sitting down with my sales rep. My sales rep was also very nice and willing to work with me on the price I was demanding. It’s not hard these days to find the invoice of a car + add some cash on top + and go into a showroom to negotiate WITHOUT getting ridiculous hidden fees included in your “”affordable monthly payment.”” The General Manager sat down and immediately things went downhill. Car purchases are known to be one of the most stressful experiences in one’s life. That being said, this GM is a straight crook. Magically my calculated (above invoice) payments with 0% APR (no interest makes calculating VERY simple) went from $600/month to north of $750 ($781 to be exact). When confronted on the ridiculous price, the GM responded with a very loud and blatant “”that car is not discountable, it’s a rare model.”” Clearly this doesn’t apply since I had just CAME from another dealership that was offering $2500 MORE for my trade in as well as $2000 OFF sticker price before further negotiations. Sure, car buyers should have the option to get the best price possible, while dealerships should still be able to sell at a price they can do business at. This dealership? They don’t care. Their way of the highway. When PHYSICALLY shown after many attempts on my end to SHOW HIM the numbers on my phone (calculator), he walked away quietly. When he came back the figures had not changed. What did change however was the “”options”” he said I had forgotten to configure on Nissan’s website. How the HELL are you going to have a car that is 4+ years into it’s cycle, still going for ABOVE MSRP? My advice to car buyers with less experience in the auto industry, please find another dealership for your own good. Nobody deserves to be treated as I was today. STAY AWAY FROM PARAMUS NISSAN .

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