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Published: 21 November 2017

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This is a fair warning to any individual that is considering doing business with Paredes Mechanical. Arturo Paredes from Paredes Mechanical is without question the worst AC guy that I have ever had the displeasure of coming into contact with. My AC was broken so I contacted Paredes Mechanical for service. The owner Arturo Paredes came to my home and said that I would need a new blower motor and that he would have to order it. My father was an electrician for 40+ years so he knows about many things in the home but isnt as well experienced on AC systems specifically. When the “bad” blower motor was pulled out, my father noticed that the motor looked in excellent condition and that he was also able to find out that it was only the small circuit board attached to it that was shorting out. He brought his discovery to Arturo Paredes and Mr. Paredes insisted that the motor was junk and it needed to be replaced along with some other parts. $1250 later my new blower fan and all the other parts that Mr. Paredes said I needed were installed and the AC was blowing air out again. The next day I noticed that when I woke up my house was quite hotter than is should have been wich is not something you expect after spending $1250. I checked my thermostat and I set my AC on 71 degrees but my house was at a temperature of 75 degrees. The AC and compressor were running and apparently running all night long and was never quite able to hit the target temperature of 71 degrees so it kept trying and trying. I contacted Paredes Mechanical and told Arturo Paredes that there is a big problem here as my house was not getting cooled down. Arturo Paredes said he would come check it out so he came back to my home. When he came back he checked the pressure and the compressor and all seemed fine then he came into my house and checked the temperature of the air coming out of my vents. The temperature of the air coming out of my vents was 62 degrees, if you know anything about AC systems you would know that this is a problem. I only know that this is a problem because I contacted 3 other AC companies and they said that this was ridiculous because the air coming out should be around 50 degrees. Arturo Paredes didnt seem to think that anything was wrong and he tryed to justify the temperature coming out as how it is supposed to work. Then he tried to tell me that the open floor plan of my house was a problem and that was why my house couldnt cool down, he even suggested that I wall off my kitchen. Finally he suggested that I buy a new bigger compressor from him to fix this issue…….I think its obvious where this was going…. My house is 1800 square feet and I have a 5 ton unit, it is more than sufficient to cool a house that size. Furthermore, I have never had a problem with cooling down my house during the hottest of florida summers when its in the 90’s outside. Somehow though after Paredes Mechanical serviced my house it was incapable of cooling to 71 degrees inside while the outside ambient temperature was 76 degrees. Still Mr. Arturo Paredes insisted that everything was perfect and running fine with my ac system and that there was nothing else that he could do unless we wanted to buy a new AC compressor. He left my house with my ac not working correctly and then he advised me to call someone else to check the AC system out and if they found any issues that he would cover the charge. My father reached out to 3 AC specialists that he knows that live out of town and he explained the current problems to them. Every single one said that there was obviously a problem and that the most likely think to have happened was a wiring error in my attic. When we contacted Arturo Paredes of Paredes Mechanical and asked him to check the wiring he outright refused to do so and he kept saying to “call someone else”. We called him 5 plus times and got the same response. 2 days later I was finally able to get someone else to come and check my AC and sure enough he found out that the wiring was in fact bad. Apparently Arturo Paredes had wired one of the heating coils in with the cooling system so when the AC would turn on the heat was also running, thus making it impossible for my house to cool down and making the system run all day. I knew this was broken and Arturo Paredes of Paredes Mechanical refused to check his work and insisted it was fine and tried to sell me more stuff that I didnt need. The guy who actually fixed my ac said that the blower motor probably didnt need changing either and all of the other parts that were changed were probably still good too. So I looked in my garbage can for the parts that were changed and guess what? All of the parts that Arturo Paredes of Paredes Mechanical changed that were “bad” and thrown into the garbage can were magically missing!!! So after the wiring error was corrected the air coming out of my AC was 50 degrees and very cold and the house was cooling down normally. I contacted Arturo Paredes and told him that the other AC guy was at my home and fixed his problem and that he should pay this guy the $150 that he was owed for the job. Aruro Parades laughed at me and said that there is no way that the wiring was bad and he refused. I have 50 degrees coming out of my vent now instead of 62 degrees….Its obvious that its fixed now. I am just hoping that few days of my system running messed up doesnt cause any damage to other components of my AC. TLDR: Im out $1400 to fix my AC and its questionable if even half of that money was needed to be spent. .

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