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Published: 25 October 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

Parinaz Nazari Zadeh borrowed $10,000 from me and my credit to pursue her dream of becoming a pyschologist. She went to school at Alliant in California and we were friends for a couple years when she advised me she needed money to travel to her internship in Tallahassee, Florida. The terms of the loan were simple, my credit card would pay for her furniture that she was leasing in Tallahassee and she would pay me back monthly. When she got funds in January 2013 and June 2013 she would pay me any remaining amount owed. All I received from Pari was her word because of the fact we knew eachother. When dealing with someone like Pari who doesn’t keep her word and is irresponsible with money, that wasn’t enough. Pari missed every payment for her furniture and also the times she was suppose to repay the underlying loan. When I requested payment she would indicate that I know her and she was going to pay me “one day”. It has been almost 800 days and I lost $13,000+ to Dr. Parinaz Nazari Zadeh. With my money she became a doctor, finished her internship in Tallahassee and turned it into a job with the Bureau of Prisons in Tallahassee. Pari had promised to sell her jewelry to pay me back, give me her graduation money, work two jobs, rent a room in Tallahassee and cut her expenditures. Unfortunately she did none of the above. She became suicidal when I continued to ask her for my money. The Bureau of Prisons currently employs her and has no idea that she is suicidal or that she is seeking pyschiatric care in violation of her employment contract (Pari not only breaks her word but violates government employment contracts). if the government were to order Parinaz Nazari Zadeh’s mental health records they would clearly see she has been actively seeking care. I also do not know if she is supposed to report to them her suicide attempt or the fact she is BI polar (she has told me these things personally). i am explaining my experiences with Pari Nazari. I have tried to work out a payment plan, I have asked for my money back, I have not sued her, i have given her the opportunity to pursue a career while trying to work things out amicably. Unfortunately Pari has no interest in keeping her word or paying me back. She haa told me many times it would be the number one priority in her life and to date it hasn’t even made it to her top 10. The purpose of this post is to warn people about the lack of character, financial responsibility and the fact the word of Parinaz Nazari Zadeh is no good. If you deal with Parinaz, please be aware that she has used me for money and all I have to show for it now is the fact she gave me her word. I can not take her word to Chase and deposit it for $13 and her word has consistently not been kept for almost the last 800 days. If you know or ever meet Parinaz Nazari Zadeh, Pari Nazari, Pear Bear or Pear Consuela Bear be very careful not to trust to loan her money or trust her word. Some of her friends may vouch for her character but she didn’t chose not to steal from them. If she didn’t steal from me, she would have stolen from them. I will gladly update this when Pari decides to finally keep her word and start making payments to pay me back. I can not force her to keep her word or make her understand that I sacrificed my life savings and credit so she could turn out to be the person she is today. In no way does she resemble today the person I agreed to loan money to or put my credit on the line and that’s what makes my sacrifices upset me that much more. I didn’t just lose my money but the opportunities and experiences it could have brought me. Instead it ruined my bond with her but I also learned she wasn’t the person I would have sacrificed for. If she was truly the person she claimed she was and failed, it would be easier to accept. The fact Pari never really tried to be the person she said she was or do the things she promised completely sucks.

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