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Published: 29 September 2018

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Park Lane was formerly known as Quality Media, as one of their employees. I can tell you with 100% honesty that this company and its owners and managers, ARI AFSHAR, IAN GREENFIELD and ARDALAN AFSHAR are crooked. Just look at the reviews left on their former Quality Media Page Once they have your credit card info they will not stop charging it, their billing practices are highly illegal and unethical, not to mention they manipulate and lie to employees to boost their revenue by offering bogus bonuses that the employees will never see. The employees are pressured to manipulate customers in giving up their Credit Card . Their former name, QUALITY MEDIA, never paid taxes on any of their revenue nor income so the 30+ employees they laid off unexpectedly were left without un employment insurance to help get them by while job hunting. They didn’t just rip their customers off, but their employees too. Just do a google search on on their formal name, Quality Media to find out the truth. Here are some former experiences from their customers (KEEP IN MIND THEY SPECIALIZE IN REPUTATION MANAGEMENT) MikeV – Beware – this is a straight-up boiler room chop shop. I worked as a subcontracted IT consultant there for several months and saw it from the inside out. Think of the movie “Boiler Room” and you’ve got the idea. High pressure call center ripoff operation. First off, the business model is predicated on something that Yelp considers illegal – doing manipulation or “credit repair” services on Yelp reviews. This is akin to all the SEO ripoffs going on out there – anything that will manipulate your Yelp rating is being done using fake accounts and reviews to try to raise your score. (just look at the only positive reviews on this business – one is by Mike Beyer, one of the partners, the other by some shill account with no other reviews….) From what I observed, however, the majority of the business was done purely by billing people’s credit cards, never doing anything with the customer’s Yelp reviews, and never refunding anything requested and re-billing even when it was not authorized. The company I was hired through provided over 20K services on credit and QM tried to stiff them with endless runarounds about giving them a check, etc. Finally, the company just billed a pre-authorized use corporate card for the amount owed. QM then tried to charge back to Amex, but was denied when the company I worked through showed Amex purchase orders, etc. Scum, plain and simple. Another vendor who flew out from NY to do several days programming work was also stiffed and has never been paid. A former COO who worked there while I was there was let go and not paid. 20 + employees were let go while I was there and several told me their final paychecks bounced. CONSIDER THIS: If Park Lane Digital Concierge could really do anything to improve anyone’s Yelp reviews, would they themselves have a 1.5 star rating average over 19 reviews? Yeah, not too likely. Stay away – stay FAR away. They have only kept their doors open this long by stiffing vendors, firing people, and not paying bills. They are unquestionably going to disappear completely soon. David C – I found this company online and call them to ask what type of services they do provide. They promise me to manage my business social media and advertising with yelp. From first day and first call they charge on my credit card without providing any type of service as of today they still charging on my credit card. I called my bank to dispute the charges hopefely they will be able to collect my money back. This guys are crooks dont trust this company they will charge your card every month without your authorization. STAY A WAY from crooks.

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