Park Pediatric Dentistry of Woodstock

I am stupid to have blindly trusted the positive reviews!

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Published: 29 May 2019

Posted by: Barbara

Park Pediatric Dentistry is the worst place you can take your kid to. This place has a bunch of crooks who claim to be caring and professional. THEY SLAPPED MY KID and then threw me and him out of the place claiming that they can’t treat my kid. They have a strict policy according to which, parents aren’t allowed to accompany the child in the checkup room. At first, it doesn’t seem like a bugging matter but it’s actually a really a major red flag. The dentists there scold and sometimes even threaten kids too. They don’t hesitate in scaring the kids and that’s clearly not a healthy for a child. They have a very toxic environment there which is not suitable for children in any case. You’d be better off going someplace else where the dentists really care about the kids and treat them accordingly. Here, you’ll just get a bunch of irritated dentists who think it’s okay to vent out on little children.

I had taken my 6-year old boy to this place for a routine checkup. It was our first checkup. I had looked up this place online and found many positive reviews about them. There were a few negative reviews but I foolishly ignored them. It would have been much better if I had read those reviews instead of the positive ones. When I first found out that they don’t allow parents in, I was a little surprised. I hadn’t heard of such rules before. But I still let my kid go in. Now, after a while, my boy came out scared and frightened and they just told me that we should both leave the place. I had already paid them for the visit but they told me that they’ll refund me the sum. They didn’t do any checkups! They scared my boy. All I said about the dentists and the environment is true. My son told me that the dentist had told him to shut up otherwise he would beat the hell out of him. He also slapped him once. Those people have no sense of how to treat the children and they are running pediatric dentistry. This place is horrible and I’m never taking my kid there again. I wouldn’t recommend this place to anyone in any case. If the dentist has the audacity to slap a kid, then you can understand how messed up this place is.

I should have focused a little on the negative ones. As for my boy, he’s alright now and I’ve started taking him to another clinic. He’s enjoying that other place. And this place, it’s just a messed up hellhole which is completely mismanaged. The dentists here shouldn’t be allowed to treat children. It’s a terrible pick for any parent. If you’re a parent or if you know any parents who are looking for pediatric dentistry, alert them about this place. It’s not the right choice for anyone.

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