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Please avoid this place! 

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Published: 12 August 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

Before you guys go ahead read the whole thing, I want to clear one thing, I don’t care whatever you think about me, but Park View is the worst place dental clinic in the history of dental clinics so, please avoid it, you’ll thank me in the long run, trust me. Park View Dental in Helena Montana is marketed heavily. They claim to have one of the best techniques and method to solve your dental problems, as well as have one of the best doctors in town as well who treat the patient with care. And that is all BULLSHIT! Many of their customers have rated them poorly in terms of their services and their company policy. The doctors here are Park View don’t know how to treat their patients. When I came here the front desk people made me sit for a whole hour and when I finally got the chance to see the doctor, he was too busy with his phone and he was not focused at all. It was extremely scary because he was doing the checkup while talking on the phone.
It’s the responsibility of the doctor to treat their patients with care but Park View Dental doesn’t actually give a fuck about that and the patients have to face the consequences. I went there for a cavity filling, the laser procedure which these guys follow claim not to cause any pain or any nerve block. But the procedure at Park View Dental was very painful and there was a point during the procedure that I felt an incredibly sharp pain. Immediately after the procedure, the patient felt extreme pain in his tooth. The patient does not wish to ever come back to this place again.
My cousin who went here soon after me told me that she was having a good experience until her hygienist was replaced as this new hygienist was not gentle and caused severe tooth pain to her during cleaning. She was highly disappointed with the way she was treated at Park View Dental. It shows that Park View Dental has no concern about the health of their patients so you should make sure that before consulting a dentist you should always ask your friend and family, as they are the ones who care about you so there are fewer chances for failure.
Lack of professionalism and un-trained doctors can cost you much. One of the customers went there for a regular cleaning. The hygienist told her that she got a crack in her tooth so it will require a crown so that it can be cured. Because of the lack of professionalism from the doctor, he damaged one of the nerve in her mouth which caused pain and numbness in the mouth. The doctor prescribed her to consult an oral surgeon but refused to pay even a single penny for what he has done. This kind of attitude and commitment from the doctors disappoint the patients because it wastes their time and money both.

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