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Published: 16 May 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

I am unemployed and thus at present I lack healthcare. I became very ill and with this being Texas with all the medical care providers going to a “For Profit” model I called ever doctors office I could and was told they would not see me without at least a few grand on me at the time of visit or insurance of which neither I had so I went to Parkland hospital. I was directed to urgent care where I waited in a huge waiting area for 12 hours until I was finally called back to see a doctor. I had terrible neck pains and a high fever and my neck was clearly swollen. I never got to see a doctor. It appeared they only had one on duty in their entire urgent care where hundreds of people come each day. I was prescribed medication without really any sort of checkup and told if I do t get better to see my PCP. Well, I did not get better. I got worse. Much worse. So I decided to sign up for their health insurance plan. After signing up I went back to the urgent care again for a swollen gland, neck, throat problem and after sitting 13 hours in the lobby I was called to the back. The nurse was shocked to see my neck and was so worried about my thyroids she ran out to actually, to my relief, bring in the doctor. The doctor casually strolled in and had a little wooden stick in his hand and told me to open my mouth and say “Ah” which as soon as I did he said “sore throat” and turned around and walked out. He was with me less than 1 minute. I know that wasn’t a good evaluation. I’ve never been with any physician in my life for less than one minute. I just wonder how much the federal government is reimbursing the physicians for these visits. The doctor simply didn’t give a damn. He prescribed some amoxillin and told me to see my PCP. Unbelievable. I had waited 13 hours for a one minute (less than one minute actually) doctors visit. I can tell you Parkland hospital is providing substandard care. They won’t use any of their X-ray machines, etc. to adequately try to see what’s going on with you unless you come in on a gurney. These Texas doctors and medical establishments suck. They are greedy bastards ALL. All trying to get rich. Overcharging on all procedures. Cheating the federal government and Medicaid and Medicare. Texas is full if these little pop up “for profit” places where they do 5000% markup on all their services, etc. These doctors LIE. They care nothing about serving the sick. They only care about serving themselves. May God have mercy on such a cold hearted ruthless money hungry state. To all the evil Republicons who will try to evicerate me I will say profit should not be in the healthcare system. What good is a state of the art healthcare system if a third of the people in this country can’t access it and are being left to DIE? The emergency rooms won’t check for cancer or other life threatening diseases. They will only help if you are on your deathbed right then and there. I HATE DOCTORS IN THIS STATE. I WISH THEY WOULD ALL GO TO HELL.

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