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I don’t recommend them. Be warned.

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Published: 03 August 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

It was very unfortunate for my friend to have experienced this not long ago. I decided to share it with you hoping that it will be of great help in the future while you will be making your decisions. My friend’s daughter was actually in need of orthodontist treatment, he had visited several orthodontists and they all advised that his daughter will need to have three healthy teeth extracted before the treatment. He was then recommended by his relative that Parks Orthodontics could assist his daughter without any extraction so he went there to give them a shot. Ridiculously the staff he met there on his arrival with her daughter told him that for a patient to know the cost and treatment to be provided and other details had to go through four appointments. Imagine each appointed was going for $200 which he was asked to pay over the phone prior the appointment day, but since he needed her daughter to be assisted he went for the first appointment. One of the doctors I can’t recall his name well attended to her daughter actually for less than 5 minutes, he just looked at her teeth and got his assistant written a few things on her file. Due to that, my friend had to show him the recommendations from the previous orthodontics and the X-rays that were recently taken. Afterward, he had to question the doctor some standard questions one of them being if truly his daughter’s three teeth will be extracted as he was advised by the previous doctors he had been to. The doctor only told him for his questions to be answered he was to pay for a consultation fee that costs $180 and before making the payment he should have a look at the wall and see how many certificates he had. According to me, I think he went there not to challenge his qualifications but instead because of his due respect to his professionalism and qualifications. I asked myself does it mean him having been consulted other doctors before going there was wrong? My friend had no that money at that moment hence his questions were not answered at all. The doctor asked him to leave the room if he had no money since he never had that amount he was handed over together with her daughter by the doctor to his assistant to deal with them. The doctor was very arrogant and this disappointed my friend while he was there. The personal assistant of the doctor took them upstairs where she told my friend to pay $160 for her daughter to get pictures taken since he had X-ray which was taken by the previous doctors he had to ask what the need was. The assistant told him that it was a standard procedure of the clinic they had to go through four appointments of which each costs $200. To cut the long story short they ended up paying $500 with no conclusion neither any advice for his daughter at all. I had to write this to warn all the parents, to be honest, there is no magic about this orthodontist other than his arrogant commercialism.

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