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Those careless unprofessionals don’t take their patients seriously.

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Published: 21 August 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

Parkside Dental Care is a cosmetic dentist consultant located in Boston who tends to claim that they use advanced methods to treat their patients; they have one of the best doctors and staff in the town who treat patients with care. But lately there have been complaints that Parkside Dental Care is unable to deliver their patients, and they have also miss commit with them. They claim that they treat their patient with care and respect but well this isn’t the case as most of the customers have shown their concerns. Smile is one of the gifts rewarded by god, so people spend thousands of dollars to ensure that it remains till last. But if you choose Parkside Dental Care as one of the dental consultants you are likely to fall in the pit hole and can’t a do anything it about it then.
I had an irritating experience with those guys too. I got an appointment set and went a half-hour early, but was furious when I got to know that the doctor had not arrived that day. They should have let me know if the doctor is absent or not. Why the hell do they make appointments if the dentist couldn’t even be present for the patients?
It wasted a lot of my precious time. Consequently, I got my appointment rescheduled. And when I got there on the appointment’s time, they told me that my appointment had been canceled. The receptionist apologized for the inconvenience caused and smiled. What the hell? First, the dentist didn’t bother to inform me of his absence. Second, they didn’t bother to inform me about the cancellation of my appointment. I also found some other complaints about these
One of the customers said that he booked his appointment two weeks ago but upon arriving he was told that his appointment could not be booked because they don’t take his insurance anymore. When the customer asked them to verify where they called they couldn’t answer it and were blank. The customer service guy claimed that they left a voice mail on his number, but the cell phone record of customer doesn’t show any voice mail from Parkside Dental Care, not even a single call from them. As this clearly shows that they were unwilling to take care of his son’s cleaning, this shows that how Parkside Dental Care wastes the time of their customers and then looks for lame excuses to solve the problems.
Let me share the experience of another past customer. She complained that doctors at Parkside Dental Care don’t know how to have a good conversation with your patients. She reported that one of the doctors called her daughter drama queen which does not suit them. She thinks that she should change the services now as this is not the way to treat your patients because whenever a person steps in a clinic especially a dental clinic he started feeling anxiety which can be very bad for him.

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