Parkview Pediatric Dentistry

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Stay away at all costs!

So I took my son to the Parkview Pediatric Dentistry as he was experiencing a really bad tooth ache for a while. Saw some good reviews online and thought this place would be the best fit for my child but boy was I proved wrong. They put the rudest and most intolerant bunch of people in a childcare clinic. If you don’t like kids, why work in Paediatrics? All the nurses and doctors seems constantly annoyed and agitated towards every patient they had. It is basic decency to be kind to your patients and help them calm down and be comfortable. My son has never been very comfortable in clinical environments, which is very common in children. However, instead of calming him down and explaining things to him they kept talking rudely and being angry at things which made him even more nervous. Moreover, after all this attitude problem, they didn’t even do the procedure correctly. He kept complaining about pain and started to cry when he started bleeding a lot. It didn’t seem normal at all but they kept telling me not be “hyper”. They literally rushed his treatment and gave him some medicines for the pain. However, after his first dose, he got a really bad case of diarrhoea, which I was later told happens when the medicine is too strong for the body to handle. They basically gave my kid adult meds. Incompetency at its limit. Neither was his toothache okay but on top of that he had even more pain, bleeding, swollen gums and diarrhoea. My boy had suffered so much because of them and when I complained and asked for a refund or further check-up, they brushed me off. They shouldn’t operate a clinic of they can’t even do their job right. These check-ups cost a hell lot of money! Avoid this clinic at all costs!

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