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Dr Kamali from Parkway Vista Dental is a BULLY!

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Published: 03 June 2019

Posted by: Blaine

I was never scared of dentists in my childhood, I always thought that the other kids were just making a scene at the dentist’s office and my mom always called me brave. I never thought that I will start fearing dentist in my adulthood. My experience at Parkway Vista Dental has really made me hesitant to ever go to a dentist’s clinic again. I am 34 and until last week, I liked to go to dental clinics. For the last three years, I have been wearing veneers on my front teeth. I recently noticed that they were getting faded and I decided to book an appointment at a dental clinic. I searched for the best dental clinic near me and Parkway Vista Dental was just a few blocks away. It also had a stunning 5/5 star rating on Google Maps. I was a fool to think that the 5/5 rating on Google was real. I booked an appointment and went to the clinic the next day. First off, the receptionist at the clinic acted rudely when I asked her to check the status of my appointment. She yelled at me saying,” Just wait for 5 minutes!”. I did not bother her again for any information from then. Dr Kamali told me that my veneers have been damaged severely and I will have to get them fixed as soon as possible. She also said that my teeth are “too small and petite” for the big veneers so I will have to get crowns for my teeth as well. Her attitude was out of this world, she was direct with the conversation and was getting on with the appointment as fast as she could. I could feel the repulsion. When I asked her how much this whole thing would cost and she blasted on me! She started telling me how important having healthy and good looking teeth are, she even told me that I would not be able to get a boyfriend if I don’t get my veneers repaired. First of all, WHO DOES SHE THINK SHE IS? I can’t think of any situation where a doctor can yell at the patient just for asking the prices. I went on with the procedures hoping that it would not cost me a fortune. I thought how much a simple veneer repair and crown would cost. Parkway Vista Dental charged me a whopping $6,000.00 for that! To make things even worse, the receptionist told me that my health insurance is not covering this treatment and thus, I had to pay for the whole treatment from my pocket! I had to get a personal loan from my best friend just to pay them up.

I would strongly suggest every one of you stay far away from this dental clinic. Please take my advice and go to a different dental clinic. Dr Kamali stole money from me and overcharged me for a simple procedure.

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