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Published: 27 December 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

Pariminder Kumar is the owner of an apartment building located at 21-64 41st Street in Astoria, Queens NY. BEWARE OF THIS SCAM ARTIST, CRIMINAL AND SLUMLORD!! He violated the terms of our lease by forcing us to leave 4 days early and only giving us 3 days notice. His lease had a clause in it that said that if we involved police or attorneys we would not get our deposit back. He put four nice hard working college educated people out on the street so that he could rent our place to someone else moving from his home country before our lease was to expire an we were to move out. All of our new leases were set to begin on the date of our move out so we literally had nowhere to go (family’s are out of State). He DID NOT REFUND our money for the difference of the four days. This man moved to the US from either Pakistan or India and believes that he can make up his own rules and disobey the tenant laws of New York City. He should not be able to get away with screwing over tenants. Each of us tried to reason with him and explain the laws and how unfair it was and refused to budge. If you move into this location you will have numerous problems like we did. If something broken, he does not fix it. His wife and daughter scream at him all day- they are constantly fighting and their dog barks incessantly. The front doors are constantly left open allowing any criminal in NYC to do whatever they want. If you look at the other properties it’s clear that he’s a slumlord as the building is in terrible condition. This man knew we didn’t have anywhere else to go but took our money anyway. He is a CRIMINAL and belongs in JAIL. If you rent from him, expect to be screwed as we were.

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