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Published: 06 August 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

I sailed with the ParrotDise Express Boat Tours a few weeks ago. I am going to discuss the stuff I witnessed, it was some of the worst display of a well-known place I have ever seen I cannot even imagine this kind of stuff is common here. It all began with the lemon cakes which was served to me, it was all fine until the drink took about 30 minutes to reach our table. It was just because I got aggressive in the end or else the drink wouldn’t have arrived till the last minute until the lunch was over.
I entered the spring club included in the cruise itself, a band was playing songs. The stage was crowded because of the popularity of the band. However inside the club a woman, unfortunately, had a cardiac arrest all of a sudden and the emergency staff members arrived 10 minutes after being informed, all of us had to wait outside the venue. Then when everything was cleared it was time for the dinner and due to a small cruise ship, they didn’t have much space to fill In all 76 passengers with a table. The buffet system was not of a high class one and none of us wanted to go pick our food again because as soon as we get up the other one comes and sit, the staff members didn’t serve us as I expected. After my dinner was over and I was busy with my deserts I decided to complain to the manager about the lack of extra seats so that everybody could be comfortable, and u know what? The lady manager was very rude to me, then I went out for a walk in the cabin and complained to the officer about the behavior of the staff members, which was not satisfactory, but this man lied to me that she was a very good manager and was perfect at her job, this must be the inner politics between them. They don’t give a shit about the consequences they would suffer and may even lose their job.
Disembarkation was a very big issue out here, an 85-year-old lady was traveling with us and she was needed personal assistance getting off the boat. It was taking a very long time to get her a helping hand, the frustration was real and people had to wait in the theatre, seeking no help the lady pleaded for my help as I was standing right before her. So I gave her a hand till the cabin and then helped her get down. Apologies for such a rant but it is all the ups and downs I witnessed. My last cruise journey made me think about it, it made me wonder about the things happened to me with the ParrotDise Express Boat Tours was normal or I was just unlucky choosing the wrong company to travel with.

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