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Published: 21 July 2017

Posted by: Anonymously

I ordered an anti-lock braking module, which is no longer made by Ford, from this company last year. When it arrived it would not fit. It seems that the vehicle registration SAID it was a 2003, when it was acutually a 2002. I searched for this part because my mechanic knew less about computers than I do and I had the time to devote to the search. I called the company’s 800-number on a recommendation from an acquaitance, w/o looking at the website. The customer service agent (CSA) was friendly and, I thought, helpful. However, he did not: a) explain that the part was considered an electronic part; b) explain that electronic parts were non-returnable; c) use the VIN to identify the year of the vehicle. He took my word, using the registration, that it was a 2003. I am just enough of a mechanic to know that I’m not a mechanic and it never occurred to me that the registration was giving me the wrong year. On the other hand, as a vendor in used/salvaged autoparts, they knew or SHOULD have known about such aberrations and should have used the VIN to identify the vehicle year. When I identified the problem, Parts On Net refused to: a) consider that their CSA didn’t do his job or lied to me; b) discuss return/replacement; c) answer letters. They just kept repeating their company line that the part was an electronic part and was not returnable. I filed a complaint with the local Better Business Bureau (BBB). After about a month, they sent me a copy of a letter, written by the owner/president of the company, completely distorting our discussions and accusing me of failing to return the part. Did they think I was going to return merchandise to them, to resell, w/no guarantee that I would be reimbursed?? I may not be a mechanic, but I am not as stupid as they would like to think. They also stated that I REFUSED TO TALK TO THEM! I BEGGED them to discuss the issue but they even stopped taking my calls. In addition, the letter begged the BBB to reinstate their A+ rating based on their own false responses. And, because Small Claims Court, in this state at least, can only be used for claims against people or companies w/physical addresses w/in the geographical boundaries of the state, I couldn’t take them to court. My only recourse was to file suit in Federal Court. Of course, there is no guarantee of success, there, and I would have been throwing good money after bad, to hire a lawyer and sue them. So — I have a 15 lb. door stop and I’m out almost $200. After seeing the aforementioned letter, I again wrote to Parts On Net. I pointed out and refuted every one of the points in their letter to BBB and sent a copy to BBB. Again they ignored my letter. After that, they apparently ignored BBB, as well, because they notified me that Parts On Net had not responded to repeated follow-up requests for information and, as a result, they were closing the file. To add insult to injury, Parts On Net, started sending me emails, advertising their “service” and asking for more of my business!! I responded that I wanted no more contact w/them and, after the 2nd email (w/no response to my own reply to them) I blocked their email address in my email account. Parts On Net MAY have the largest inventory of used/salvaged auto parts in the country, but their business practices are no better than those of the “Travellers,” who knocked on my door last week, wanting to “fix” my brand new roof. In short, DO NOT trust this company to sell you so much as a pack of gum!

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