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That's an Injustice, but You Still have to Sleep on the Floor!

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Published: 12 November 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

Pastor David Knapp doesn’t want to give his power away. As a pastor, he is exempt from being human. Exempt from exercising humility. For this reason, he will be named Dictator of the Year. Please read more below to learn why:

The power and control dynamic in today’s world can be seen in the Evangelical Lutheran Church of America, in the form of Churchy-anity at St. James Lutheran Church in Portland, Oregon. St. James Lutheran Church is located in downtown Portland, Oregon. Hailing as the dictator of the church: Mr. David Knapp.

Recently, I contacted Mr. Knapp via phone about an urgent landlord tenant matter regarding a violent landlord. Mr. Knapp listened. Sure. I relayed the matter, which involved the landlord unlawfully removing furniture from the property and breaking into my bedroom which was locked. Guess what Mr. Knapp did? He offered unsolicited advice: ”I’d call the police.” How rude and intrusive of you, Mr. Knapp.

What Mr. Knapp did not know is that this is a civil matter, and the landlord is evasive. I have had many consults with law enforcement, who cannot do anything until there is more evidence of the landlord’s breaking and entering. A police report will not do justice – it’s busy work if the person comes and goes at odd hours. Mr. Knapp had no empathy towards the very real traumatic element of this individual’s actions towards myself in the form of stolen property. He never offered any real or practical solutions from himself or the church as an offering to me, a community member. So much for the Love of God.

While Mr. Knapp did note this is an injustice, he never offered to help. ”Do you need furniture? Maybe we can see if we can get you some furniture – I’ll ask around.” Nope. Not Mr. Knapp. When the going got tough he passed the buck. Repeat that again: When the going got tough, he passed the buck. Mr. Knapp is a buck passer for certain.

Specifically, I inquired into if the church could ask around for an air mattress. Nope. I can get one brand new for about $35. I guess I’m not worth $35, according to Mr. Knapp.

Thank you, Mr.Knapp for kicking me while I am down. Thank you for humiliating me and vampiring my energy only to do absolutely nothing with what you learned about my hardship. Jesus Christ would NOT walk into St. James Lutheran Church.

What a real man of God, eh? Letting a lady sleep on the floor. As I write this I have no air mattress, by the way. Just so you all reading this know. I appreciate Mr.Knapp’s buck passing which is allowing me to sleep on the floor.

Praise God

PS: Unsolicited ’advice’ is always meddling.

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