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Published: 12 June 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

This is why contractors have a bad rap. They get lumped into the category with guys like this. I cannot stress how important checking up on home repair “”Contractors”” is. Times have changed and a handshake and money are no guarantee of service these days. People like him give good ones a bad rap. I am humiliated that I hired him and part of that has been my hesitancy in reporting him. I should have known better. I have kept an eye out online to see if anyone else has had issues with this “”contractor””. I figured if someone else was willing to admit getting duped, then I would do the same. Like the other person said in their complaint–our job was simple. He overcharged but i paid it. I later offered to do some myself to help him save money.He threw a tantrum like a child. Grown man still whining that he has to work hard. I stupidly thought we just slipped through the cracks and we were a one time situation–Just kind of let it go. Until today. Had I heard of someone else being so naive, I would have just laughed and said they had it coming. Well, the sucker was me this time. I know better but thought surely nobody is that brazen. He was. Found out later he had no truck or car. Neighbor asked me about some goings on at my house so we watched cautiously with how he did things around the house. Odd does not mean criminal but we thought we needed to be aware. Learned later he had no truck and was hauling stuff out of a compact car. Found out when we looked into it a little that his truck was picked up because he didn’t pay for it. Wonder how long he has been trying to fool people with his sob stories of homlessness and hard times to get breaks. He juggled several jobs for the cash upfront and left people high and dry on the jobs. He offered to finish but to attempt to look like he was trying “”on paper”” FACT iS—It was all just part of his Rip Off. This guy is a piece of work. RIPOFF REPORT says it all. Grateful for your service so that others can maintain some dignity if not their money. All the signs were there. I was foolish. I am sorry it has happened to others. Most embarrassing thing I have had to admit in my adulthood. I was taken for a fool and he is probably doing it to others. I hope they come forward as well. That is only reason I am posting this. Not to air my grievances as much as hoping I can stop someone else from being Ripped Off my Mr. Maley. IF that is even really his name. I am reading up to see what my options are to get my money back. It was a lot to me but he got paid and that juggled more families in the meantime I have learned. I would rather help other poster if possible. I had no idea it even fell into possible criminal category until I did some reading about it. The other family posted first and had the guts to admit it so I hope they get compensation at least. The cops will probably laugh at my stupidity, but I at least want them to know what is going on here. I failed due dilligance with this guy, but luckily saved a ton of communication with him. Plus sites like this will hopefully keep someone else from falling for his tales of woe and “”it’s just this once”” Good luck to the other victim and thank you for sharing. Wish we’d known about this site then. Wishing you the best. Please keep us posted if possible.

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