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Published: 07 October 2018

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PATCH.COM lost hudreds of Millions of Dollars in Revenue because the product was used to defame, destroy and slander people who the Political Boss wanted CRUSHED. PATCH desperately need money to survive and so they unethically compromised themeselves by accepting CASH MONEY FOR PATCH ADVERTISING from Dirty Corrupt Political Machine Bosses who were seeking POLITICAL RETRIBUTION on those who did not do what they wanted to be done. New Jersey was NOTORIOUS for this and South Jersey has taken advantage of several Patch Sites to make it happen. The Political boss controlled the towns and cities and was hoping to expand to the press.He’d hope he could gain ownership of a popular paper but lost the bid. If that had happen, no telling what further damage he would have done to people. One of his family members who worked for the paper used stories that were achived and took them so she could BUZZFEED, HYPER LOCAL Link AND CLICKBAITING STORIES to negative stories inthe press. This was criminal. Thank goodness that person was let go from the paper and will no longer be able to work there again. PATCH on the other hand pocesses NO INTEGRITY. Their editors and regional managers are very much like the person who was let go from the paper who was behind clickbaiting and buzz feeds. PATCH.COM editors have written MISLEADING, INACCURATE STORIES. PATCH thrives off of wrong doing and gets paid by the political bosses to do it. The reason AOL PATCH / HALE GLOBAL has had repeated failure is because of the wrong doing they continue doing to others. These Gang Stalking, vicitimization tactics of page ranking negative stories to defame, slander and destroy people will become AOL PATCH’s greatest downfalls. TIM ARMSTRONG creator of PATCH was voted the WORSE CEO IN A DECADE The Patch editors who partook in this wrong should be ASHAMED of yourself, remember you have families and one day they will have to face the wrong you did unto others. It’s Karma AOL PATCH AND HALE GLOBAL SHOULD BE UNDER A FEDERAL INVESTIGATION FOR THEIR UNETHICAL, CYNICAL PRACTICES IN REPORTING FALSE, MANUFACTURED STORIES AND THEN USING THE STORIES TO CYBER HARASS, CYBER STALK AND PAGE RANK AT THE TOP OF GOOGLE BY BACK LINKING THE NEGATIVE STORIES TO FACEBOOK, PATCH, AND VARIOUS OTHER SITES WITH INVISIBLE LINKS, CLOAKING, CLICKBAITING, REDIRECTED LINKS AND PAID LINKS. PATCH.COM IS DIRTY, CORRUPT AND UNETHICAL. PATCH VIOLATES GOOGLES GUIDELINES, BUT GOOGLE ALLOWS IT BECAUSE TIM AND CHARLES BOTH WORKED FOR GOOGLE THEY HAVE A POLITICAL AGENDA. FACEBOOK AND THE POLITICAL BOSSES ARE ALL IN THESE GANG STALKING TACTICS TOGETHER.

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