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Published: 24 May 2019

Posted by: Studer Jackson

Patric Chan talks big. On his web page  he has a write up about himself – “Patric Chan is a world-class internet marketer and ClickBank super affiliate. His “rags to riches” story has inspired thousands around the world to tap onto the internet opportunity. He has been featured in newspapers many times and also business magazines. Patric has already spoken in 12 countries including United States, UK and Australia as an authority on the topic of internet marketing before he even reaches 30 years old (he’s currently 38). He has also spoken in business conferences alongside presenters from industrial giants like Google, IBM, etc. He’s also a best-selling author, including the book, Clicking Cash which is co-authored with New York Times best-selling author, Robert Allen.

Today, Patric has received testimonials from ordinary people whose lives he has changed and international bestselling authors, millionaires – including a billionaire.”

He talks about himself on his web page – “I’m an internet marketer. Which means, I make money by using the Internet. You may see a page like this by other Gurus selling their personal coaching, mentoring or even consultancy. Unfortunately, I don’t offer any of those, period. Because as much as I love helping, I hate having my time being “blocked away”. I mean the whole purpose of why you would like to become an internet marketer, or to start an online business is to have total control of your time, right? I believe in building online businesses that generate THE INCOME.”

Now there is nothing wrong in making such tall claims but the product launched by him, CB Passive Income should live up to his claim. So here we will review CB Passive Income and very clearly see for yourself why you will be very disappointed if you purchase it, and the intention of this review is to keep people safe from buying low-quality crap.

Patric Chan makes a bunch of promises and on all of the promises made by him, he fails to deliver.

On reading the review you will be able to see why it is so.

How does CB Passive Income work?

It is a program that is supposed to teach you how to make money online through the methods of Affiliate Marketing. It claims that with 3 simple steps, you can start generating income from your CB Passive income business. This is what Patric Chan wants you to believe, but unfortunately it is never so easy. Had it been that easy, everyone would’ve started generating income from CB Passive Income.

For the initial membership fee of $47, what you end up with is a list of training videos as shown in the screen-shot below. But probably, what you do not know is that these videos are not created by Patric Chan, they are downloaded from Youtube, complied and uploaded into CB Passive income as part of its training course. Now that is a rip off because one can easily access these videos from Youtube, why should one need to pay $47 to view these on CB Passive Income?




The general idea of CB Passive Income is to provide a turnkey system, and training is just not its priority. It is expected that Patric Chan, given his credibility as a well known internet marketing expert, would put some effort into developing his own video training course rather than getting them from Youtube and passing them on as part of CB Passive Income training.

Soon after you purchase CB Passive Income, you will be presented with two upsells (product upgrades):

  • The CB Passive Income Pro Version (costing $97 as one-time fee) and
  • The Fast Cash Series (for this you will be required to pay $49 monthly)

What exactly you will get with your basic membership subscription?

Patric gives you a couple of squeeze pages, you send traffic to those pages, and Patric adds them to an email list and “sells them for you”. That means that you are sold the data you initially generated yourself.

Apparently the deal seems good, but here comes the catch; the hardest part of the three step process is getting traffic. If you’ve never made money using internet to market, it is possible that you will not be able to see through this ‘bogus deal’.

You have two options: 

  • One: send paid traffic to the squeeze pages you’re provided (which will be hard because there are duplicate content) 
  • Two: create content that gets ranked in the search engines and drive traffic from your content to the CB Passive Income squeeze pages.

Now if you are required to do this, you can very well promote any product on the internet. For that why do you need Patric Chan’s product?

Now if you are an experienced internet marketer, capable of driving traffic to these squeeze page, also known as landing pages, this product isn’t for you because if you can make money selling anything you want online you don’t need Patric Chan’s product.

Even If you’re not an experienced internet marketer and haven’t successfully generated traffic to any sites or affiliate offers in the past, this product doesn’t help, since Patric Chan doesn’t teach how it’s done but leaves it for you to figure out instead, making you blindly throw money at paid advertising or sloughing you productive hours each week creating content to try and get traffic without any training or direction. In this case, you definitely don’t need CB Passive Income because you are going to spend large amount of money in paid advertising or many hours creating content, something which is contrary to what Patric promised you.

It’s not in the best interest of experienced internet marketers because they can promote thousands of other offers or sell their own products without CB Passive Income, also it’s definitely not in the best interest of inexperienced marketers because the product hardly provides any instruction or help in the areas where the inexperienced marketers would require the most.

If you have previous experience of purchasing two or three internet marketing training courses, you would know that how these people can make you sick pitching upsells. 

Looking at the sales page you get the impression of getting access to an incredible, life-changing product, but it’s only after you buy it, you are presented with the so called miraculous add-on that you need to buy, if you are to get the full advantage of the product. Thereafter, there’s some offer of an exclusive coaching, an added bonus, or some other business sales you’re pitched with to make the product publisher richer and you are made to shell out more money from your pocket.

Multiple upsells to customers shows that they more interested in making more money out of them than providing a comprehensive, helpful product at the price worth it. It’s deceitful, and no legitimate product provider tries to put pressure on the buyer by way of upsells to get the full feature of their product. You should sell a comprehensive product with upgrades to it at a later date and maintain transparency. 

But with CB Passive Income there are a total of three upsells pitched to you that you will have to decline before getting access to the product you paid for.

After paying $47 for the product, I should have access to it right away. Why should I be made to sit through more lengthy videos and get disheartened just because you’re basically informing me what I just paid for is of no use without these add-ons, and made to scroll to the bottom of the page only to find the cleverly disguised links with the message, “No thanks, I don’t want to wake up to a ton of my money in my bank account tomorrow”.

To really get to understand the utility of the product you will have to go through all of the fake, positive reviews published by affiliates to find an honest review and decide on whether you should buy the product or not. Now when you do that for CB Passive Income, you’ll find that new internet marketers are struggling to find for themselves the truth and avoid spending their hard-earned money on not only CB Passive Income but also on experimenting with paid traffic to Patric’s sales pages too.

My advice is that you should avoid buying the product and wasting your time and money struggling to make a broken product work. As evidence and a testimony please go through the review and comments of customers (given below) who have shared their firsthand experience buying the product.

“I couldn’t access the product immediately like I was promised. I kept getting a “User Account Not Approved Yet” error message.

I have no idea what went haywire in CB Passive Income’s system, but I didn’t receive an email like I was supposed to (not even in my junk/spam folder) and had to file a support ticket and wait for two days before I was even able to access what I’d paid for. Nothing will upset a paying customer quite like that.”






With such reviews and comments we find that CB Passive Income fails on every level. There are misleading sales claims, and it not only fails to deliver what Patric Chan promised, but also puts across multiple upsells, and then you will, most likely, end up spending even more time and money trying to get traffic so that Patric Chan can “do all of the work for you”.

Regardless of whether you are new to this industry or are experienced, CB Passive Income is not worth it, and there are definitely better products for you to buy. 

So don’t buy CB Passive Income.  You’ll spend more time and money than you can imagine trying to get this broken product to work, and new internet marketers all across the internet are failing after falling for Patric’s promises.

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