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Patrick Dibre: Fraud entrepreneur and a filthy man who sexually abuses his employees

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Published: 11 August 2016

Posted by: Anonymously

If you are looking for a Job in New Jersey then you better beware of this dog names Patrick Dibre. Clingy as fuck, In fact, worse than a leech. While i was working in his organization he sexually harassed more than 3 girls of the office by misusing his power and position. But the irony is that sexual harassment cases are only taken seriously if at least one of the parties involved in the incident is a big shot or an industry celeb. But in most of the cases, you are completely shrouded by the confidentiality clauses & no internal legal team is going to help you if you hold a smaller position.

Patrick Dibre is the most filthy boss a girl can have, He screams unnecessarily, talks arrogantly and often crosses his limits and touch his female employees in an inappropriate manner. I joined Patrick Dibre’s Dibre auto group in 2014 & ever since I joined the organization I was seldom asked to do what i was hired for. On the 4th day of my job this bastard Patrick Dibre told me that ‘You should dress sexy’, I was literally shocked after he said this and had no idea how to react but who knew that it was only the start. I noticed this many many times that how he pulled me into his body so that his crotch could feel my breast. This is really very pathetic to read and write but had to write this so that no other girl go through this torture. This is not something new which is happening in the corporate world and each and everyone is well aware, Unfortunately, the ‘unsaid fear’ is the only reason why girls don’t raise their voice and keep quiet.

Patrick Dibre who is very soft spoken & sweet in the outside world is completely opposite to that in reality. An arrogant man who often shouts while talking to his employees and staff. I am raised by a single mother and i have seen these things since my childhood. I literally used to start shivering when Patrick used to come near me or say anything to me or anyone who was around. Fortunately, While i was in the college i never had to face such situation but eventually, After i started working with Patrick Dibre & his organization, My old memories where being refreshed day by day. I could literally feel now like my mom would have when she was working. They say that memories are the only time machine you invented & they give you goosebumps every time if they are harsh.

Patrick is someone who touches girls in a way which could easily be classified as sexual assault, Each and every one in the office knew this but no one had the courage to come forward and raise voice against this pervert. Unfortunately, I was one of them too. Almost three and a half years after this incident, When I am not working Today i see him in magazines, taking awards i wonder if there are more girls who are going through all this and are silent due to the corporate pressure?

I request all the girls out there who are going through the similar situation to name and shame such white collar people and teach them a lesson. So that these bastards learn and think twice before doing this to some other girl.

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