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These people are clearly deranged and out of their minds

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Published: 28 April 2019

Posted by: Barbara Chavez

Patriot Autos has a bunch of lying salespeople who tell you about attractive deals at first and then forget what they told you when you sign the papers. I had bought an Acura TLX from these people but to be frank, those guys scammed me. These guys are some big-level scammers who are cheating people online as well as offline. You better keep your distance from these people if you want to keep your money safe.

When I had visited their store, the salesman had shown me a car according to my interests. I was impressed by the TLX and when I had enquired about the price, he had given me a reasonable quote. Obviously, I was quite impressed by these people at that time. At that time, the salesman was really friendly and helpful. I wasn’t having any difficulties during the buying process. But I hadn’t thought that the same guy who was so friendly and helpful was actually luring me in a trap.

When we were finishing up the paperwork, I noticed that they were charging me around $1000 more than the price we had agreed on. I asked them what that was about or was it a typo. And they told me those are servicing charges. I was infuriated. The sales guy never discussed the servicing charges with me. He had simply told me that it was a common procedure. I know it’s not a common thing. No seller lies to the customer about the price of the product throughout the process and then shoots the price up a thousand dollars for a silly reason.

I asked them if the servicing was really necessary. They told me that it is and they won’t sell me the car unless I get the servicing too. I ended up paying for that service because I really wanted the car. But my point is, the salespeople at Patriot Autos are really pathetic creatures. They literally lie to you without any hesitation or guilt. They don’t care about your finances or your budget. All they care about is their target to get x number of sales. That’s it. That’s all they care about.

And if you ask me, that’s a lame organization to buy stuff from. If they don’t care about you then what’s the use. You can head into any other car dealership in Baltimore and I’m certain, you’ll get a similar deal. If you’re wondering why I got the car even though they lied to me, that’s because I had already signed a bunch of papers and I didn’t want to get into any legal stuff. If these people can lie to me for a sale, they can certainly get into the legal stuff for pulling the money out of my pockets.

The best thing you can do about these car dealers is to keep a safe distance. These people are clearly deranged and out of their minds. They are using unethical techniques to get their sales and you’d be the scapegoat. So be safe and stay distant.

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