patti miller syracuse

A bitch remains a bitch forever

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Published: 03 August 2017

Posted by: Holli J. Toney

This bitch has been texting my husband for a long period and even sending nude pictures. She is a complete moron and has a habit of fixing different people at different times. I am in love with my since childhood and are now married for the past four years. We were quite a happy couple till the time this bitch came into his life and ruined everything.
I am not stating my husband to be innocent but this bitch is the most poisonous human one can ever meet. She has been doing this with many people. My husband is still now committed to me. But the girl has somehow influenced her in a bad way.
The woman is the worst human being one can ever accept. Over time she has destroyed various relationships and was about to do mine. She is a complete fucked up lady with no self respect.
Now the bitch is ready to look for her next prey. She will again do this with other people and break another healthy relationship. The bitch should be punished to death.
If anyone meets her at any place then it is better to avoid her as because she is a human bomb which can explode anytime by destroying everything around.

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