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Published: 21 December 2017

Posted by: Anonymously

In May of 2014, Paul H. Robinson, Jr. (residing at 12618 Fellowship Way, Gaithersburg, MD 20878) contacted my insurance agency requesting coverage for the trucking business he was looking to relaunch. The coverage’s requested included commercial auto (truck) insurance, general liability and motor cargo insurance. My agency placed the truck insurance coverage effective 5/16/14 and we placed the general liability and cargo coverage’s effective 6/2/14. We were provided with a credit card for the down payment for the truck insurance and requested that a check be mailed in the amount of $2988.71 to our agency for the general liabilty and cargo insurance. After several emails and phone calls requesting payment, we received a check from Paul H. Robinson, Jr. written from a Springtree Farm Group account in the amount of $2988.71 on 6/20/14. The check was made payable to my agency, so I immediately deposited the check into my business account the same day it was received and wrote checks to the insurance carriers for the amount due. On 6/24/14, I received a notice from my bank indicating the check written by Paul H. Robinson, Jr. had been returned for insufficient funds. By the time I received the notice, the outstanding checks written to the insurance carriers had cleared my account (so in essence, my agency paid his insurance premiums). I immediately called Paul H Robinson, Jr. and requested an explanation and requested a certified check for the amount due. He gave some excuse about monies not being transferred from another account to cover the check. Supposedly, he was going to FEDEX a check to me immediately. Several days go by and no check is received. Paul H. Robinson, Jr. then provides me with a bogus FEDEX tracking number proclaiming he dropped the envelope in a nearby drop box. Another few days go by and I reach out to Paul Robinson, Jr. again requesting payment. He then launches into a series of lies over the coming months that prohibit him for making good on this check including, but not limited to: – I have been involved in an autobile accident and am in the hospital, – My brother died, – I have brain cancer and only have 18 months to live, – I have brain cancer and only have 12 months to live, – I am sending you a wire transfer, – I am coming to meet you to bring you a check, – My girlfriend is coming to meet you to bring you a check (oops, she go called into emergency surgery) Ultimately, on September 29, 2014, I sent Paul H. Robinson, Jr a demand letter stating that if he did not provide me with a certified check for the amount due, I would turn the matter over to the Loudoun County Virginia Sheriff’s office for criminal prosecution. This guy attempts to continue the charade by stating his lawyer advised him to make good on the check and that he was sending me a FEDEX envelope containing the payment. Needless to say, no FEDEX envelope was received. The matter was then turned over to the Loudoun County Sheriff’s office (case 2014-014455) where an investigator attempted to get this guy to make good on the check to avoid issuing a arrest warrant for him. He placed a call to Paul H. Robinson, Jr and advise him that he had a copy of the insufficient funds check that he wrote and that he needed to make payment arrangements to avoid being arrested. Guess what he told the investigator……”I am sending you a FEDEX evelope and I will call you back with the tracking number”. Of course, no call was received by the investigator and an arrest warrant was issued for Paul H. Robinson, Jr. I know this reads like a made for TV movie, but I couldn’t make this up if I wanted to. If you ever have the displeasure of encountering Paul H. Robinson, Jr., do yourself a favor and run the other way. This guy is morally bankrupt and will lie, cheat and steal from anyone he encounters (including the IRS who is currently investigating him for tax evasion).

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