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Published: 17 July 2019

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The Landlord, Paul Chen is a ;iar who collects deposits equivalent to a month’s rent for $555 and refuses to refund the deposit when you vacate his room I had asked for my deposit after renting a room at his house. I knew he was lying and decided to advertize on my own. He knew that I had found his room on Criglist and I was moving from TX and even if I vacated his property he would avoid me because he lived at an uknown location. I confronted him a week before I left after I had foinf a replacement who paid his deposit and he refused to give me my refund, He mentioned a WA law that allows the landlord to refund the deposit within 14 days. I knew that if I left for TX it was never going to get my money back. He kbew that even if I filed at the County Small Clims Court, it would mean buying another flight ticket to come to court. And if I failed to show up he would win the case by defukt and keep all my depositt. When I realized tht he was refusing to inspect the room I demanded my money. He became very irrate and we excahnged wome harsh words and he left. A day before I moved out, I called him and left several messages but he faied to return my calls, After I threatend to sue, He left part of the deposit and I gave him my address to forward the remaing amount to my TX address, I waited for a month and never recieved my deposit till. Paul Cheng is a crook from Vietn room at his house for 3 months. Since I decided to leave after a month I advised and he pretended he was helping me find am and uses Craiglist to prey on tenants who come from out of State because they will never get their deposit. He knows the dates you leave and avoids you and your calls until your leave the State. Thus is a terible fraud from an ommigrant wh is deliberately disregarding the lawa and should be arrested and charged for fraud and then deported to his home country. He has been doing this for a while and needs to be stopped immediately! .

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