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Published: 01 March 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

I paid over $500.00 Canadian to Paul Wong for his services which were done over the telephone within 30-40 minutes. His website, Art of Neutrality, sates that he has learned many modes of spiritual healing that can help people improve their lives. I went to him out of desperation for help with social anxiety/phobias. I paid the money because I believed he could help me. I wasn’t expecting a miracle cure but I was hoping he would release whatever was causing my anxiety so that I could life a more normal life. Not only did his services not help me, my life became worse. He did not even teach me how to perform the healing, Opening The Heart, for continual healing after our sessions and has no booklet on the practice either. Any time I reached out to him to tell him it wasn’t working, he kept asking for more money or offering the services of another cheaper practitioner. I want anyone who is considering his OTH services to please please please…be aware of this. He is standing behind a disclaimer that I signed stating his services may not help everyone so that is why he won’t refund my money. Well, if you are considering his services, do not sign this disclaimer. It would be better for you to search some other avenue or another practitioner that does not charge so much and can give better results or just forgo all this spiritual bulls***. Honestly, if it was me, I would gladly refund the money of someone who says I didn’t help them because I am honest and care for people and could never do that to another human being. But he refuses to refund my money. He is the true definition of a scam artist! .

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