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Published: 18 September 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

We recently moved to West Pasco County, FL and were horrified at the filthy shops Paw Wash Plus own. Where is the County Health Department or other State or County Regulator? We inquired on Pet Sitting Services and their large Mobile Van for grooming. We asked if they were Licensed? Answer was NO. We asked if they were Bonded to enter into our home. Answer was NO. We asked if their Groomers were trained and Certified. Answer was NO. Seems like anyone in Pasco County, FL (and any other part of FL) can hang out a shingle, rent a space, and call themselves Animal Groomers. What we witnessed on our visits to the two Paw Wash Plus locations was disgusting. One groomer was yelling at a og to “”shut up””…loud voive and it carried on with us standing at the front door. She just did not seem to care. Another dog was shaking on the table, and the groomer was grabbing at her paw to clip her nails. Another was doing an anal gland “”internally””…a prodcedure only a trained Vet Tech or Vet should do. Groomers should express externally on dogs. It was shocking to us to see and feel the chaos in Paw Wash Plus. The Owner looked angry, uptight, and seemed to want to pack in the appointments, with no regard to the pets that families drop off and believe they will be safe. It is also shocking to learn the State of Florida and the Counties do not enforce health codes for Groomers and their shops. They make Vet Tech’s train, hair stylist train, why not teach Groomers how to train and sterilize their work stations. Staff on dogs seem to be a big problem in FL…wonder if groom shops are adding to the problems with unsanitary conditions?

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