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Published: 23 May 2018

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Extreme warning: vet Alice Villalobos is a hideous, deceitful and plotful vet who lies and kill*s dog This is the most disgusting and deceitful vet who covers herself with a super honey mouth and so-call career achievement. She even does charity work and serves as the president of the Society for Veterinary Medical Ethics. What a joke and how disgusting it is?!! Of course we all know this society never lacks of hypercrite who fakes and acts like something totally decent but the truth underneath it is never that pretty. But identifying them is a daunting task due to their careful and near to perfect disguise. My dog mysterily died 12 days after seeing vet Alice Villalobos first for a consultation and 7 days later for teeth cleaning. A few suspicious behaviors and lies have been identified with her. She intentionally harmed the dog by prescribing Benadryl my dog doesn’t even need and she created a salivary gland cyst in my dog’s jaw area during the teeth cleaning session. Do you know how much physical trauma it takes to create a cyst like that? How pathetical is for a vet to harm such an adorable and innocent little dog? Then she charged me $300 for that. It will not be cured and liquid needs to be periodically sucked from the cyst. Did she do anything else? Not sure. But my dog looked uncomfortable and fatigue after the teeth cleaning, comparing to the teeth cleaning he had a year ago. How do I know she did it intentionally? I will cover it soon in the coming paragraphs. I asked her to explain the process and timing of finding the cyst, without giving me an answer, she says I am repeating myself (even it is different questions: she only answered she find it during the teeth cleaning but my question is at what point of teeth cleaning she find the cyst), and told me to accept my dog’s death and grieve. And you just know she is trying to bulls******* around by avoiding the question. Then she stopped responding to further questions as I said she didn’t answer my questions as it is. Here is one yahoo customer reviews and it can’t be more accurate: “Money-grubber with a honey tongue. Hold tight to your wallet!” A consultation cost $145. She didn’t even do anything. Just sit there and listen to you talk. Then she charged $102 for Convenia, a dangerous antibiotics for animal. I surveyed around and found one hospital charge $35, another charge $55 for Convenia of the same size dog. How sick is Alice Villalobos to charge such high premium for killing your pet? She prescribed Benadryl without even examining my dog. Just the second she saw my dog’s underbelly area from far away, she instantly claims my dog has red skin and allergy. That came from nowhere. My dog has pretty normal skin color. Then I said he has allergy spray at home and I can use that on him. Out of extreme weirdness and absurdness, she immediately said giving my dog Benadryl for the allergy. First my dog has no allergy, second I already said he has allergy spray. Therefore why give him chemical??? My dog died when I walked to him to give him Benadryl! Alice Villalobos, karma is after you. The universe is a balance. So it is your turn now. Later when I questioned why she’d give Benadryl for no reason. She never answered the question. What is more disgusting, she told me to accept the fact my dog has died but blame nothing on herself. What is hyper disgusting, after she harmed my dog, she’d still say “give a hug to my dog”, “love” etc. How vomiting is it that Alice Villalobos did such horrible things to mur*der an innocent dog but in the meanwhile trying to show how much she cared about you?!!!!!! Also Alice Villalobos prescribed 5 days of Benadryl dose but I received 1 month supply of Benadryl. I asked her why. She said if they don’t specify a specific amount the pharmacy will give 1 month supply by default. I later asked the pharmacy twice, and both time they confirmed that they don’t give 1 month by default. They only give an amount specified specifically by the vet. This is the only lie Alice Villalobos made. She made another huge one. I told Alice Villalobos about the tragic death of my cat due to insanely bad vets and asked her to help me on the case. She tried hard to defend for those vets while some mistakes are so obvious that she has to admit. When I asked her what is the next step after the meeting, she told me to email her. Quite twistedly, she responded to my email accusing me being absurd in what I am claiming about those vets. She then tried to focus on that I am the one who got my pet sick and I should go grieving. I learned right away what a good liar she is after already admitting the vets’ mistakes. This is such a twist that it puts on lots of stress on me. My dog obviously sensed it. It made him stressful too. He was also suffering from Benadryl, Convenia, teeth cleaning trauma and cyst, all wrong things given by evil vet Alice Villalobos. My dog died the next day after this twist. In his last few days he was quite uncomfortable with something. I realized he was bugging me a lot more than usual. So when I walked to him for Benadryl, somehow his body was stiff and he felled to the ground and died quickly after a seizure. Note my dog didn’t die from the fell. He fell many times in his life, always land in the wrong position. He was not in a good physical and emotional condition due to the medication and harm by Alice Villalobos and due the stress given by Alice Villalobos. That is why he fell and couldn’t land in the right position. Benadryl and Convenia both cause seizures and aren’t that safe to use even the vets will claim they are safe. So Alice Villalobos is the liar and plotter who planned the harming of my dog. The real person behind my dog’s death is Alice Villalobos. Why would she do it intentionally? She didn’t like I am going after those vets who harmed my cat. And she did it as a revenge for her industry. Considering that she is the President of the Society for Veterinary Medical Ethics, how sick and ironically is she?! Not to mention how hard she tried to brain wash me into believing the vets made no fault. She wished to delete the word “malpractice” out of the dictionary! In her words, it is all miscommunication and misunderstanding. To me, it is all disgusting. After she learned my dog died due to Benadryl and I blamed her for giving something my dog doesn’t need and she can’t give a reason why she prescribed it, without showing any sorrow for her “mistake”(intention to be more precise) or my dog’s death, she manically told me my cat’s vets did nothing wrong. Then she tried insanely hard to brain wash me by saying I don’t understand something deeper that why it is my fault not theirs. She wished she is talking to a retarded but unfortunately she was facing someone much more smarter. She mentioned nothing about my dog. You just know what she cares most: to fight for other vets; not caring a dime on the pet. I paid her thousands to ki*ll my dog! This is an insanely dark world where all vets will hide each other up, no matter how wrong they know the others are. AND VETS DO KILL ANIMALS INTENTIONALLY. Don’t be naïve it is not morally acceptable. There is literally no consequence for them to kill pets. Extremely hard to go after them because they hide each other up. Your pets aren’t that safe in the vets’ hand to be honest. But, these stupid vets always underestimate the power of media and public. They think they are well protected to do anything, especially to animals who don’t have the right to determine their life: we can euthanize pets without their permission. .

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