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Published: 22 January 2019

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I work for one of the smallest yet most respected automotive dealer groups in the western Wisconsin region. We have some pretty big competition to deal with in our area, so every business decision we make has some pretty serious consequences. Recently our CEO and his seven General Managers decided to look for a new Fixed Ops system for our computers. A fixed ops system is the computer program an automotive group uses to track its vehicles, its customers, and meet their service needs. The system we used previously was modest but easily met our needs and allowed our service department to maintain a high level of efficiency. The management and ownership became convinced that PBS Systems was theit key to success because the company’s newest program known as Aristo Gold DMS would help them track operations. The system allows the management to see what sort of repair jobs come through the door, what sort of repair jobs are performed, how much money is made, and keep track of returns.It’s essentially a manager’s wet dream if he wants to micro-manage his shop. PBS Systems lied to our CEO and our service managers about what Aristo Gold could do, and got them to sign a contract. We would pay for the system and all necessary startup costs, and agree to a three year contract. They were expected to effectively transfer all of our archived history (a necessary element to run our business) to the new system’s servers, install the new program a month prior to the launch date, and provide for two weeks of training per dealership prior to launch. Instead, they installed the program a month early but it was not accessible and would not run. They did not appear for training until the launch date. We literally showed up to work one morning and had to utilize a program we never before touched with customers waiting impatiently in front of us and the trainers breathing down our necks. Efficiency is the key to our business and they made it come to a complete stop. The trainers they sent were not former service consultants like us. They were all IT professionals who had a very condescending attitude towards us. They kept saying “”it’s so easy”” and “”why don’t you get it”” when we have been doing this job for decades. Their program doesn’t work as advertised. It wasn’t glitchy or broken, it worked just as designed. It just wasn’t designed by anyone with knowledge of this industry and the necessary requirements of a normal ops system. It was obviously designed by a bunch of IT guys and never once was a automotive service professional consulted. Our technicians can’t make money. Our consultants can’t keep track of the work. The paperwork can’t be closed out in a timely manner. Our quick service lane is either under scheduled or over booked becsuse no one can understand the complicated schedule program. Even the salesman who use the ops system least of all are frustrated. We have people wanting to quit and go to lesser dealerships just because they can’t make money here anymore. PBS Systems only provided 4 1/2 days of training, all of which was post-launch. Nothing they were supposed to transfer worked correctly. The customer list is shambles. The history is illegible. A dealership’s history archives are not just necessary for its business, but its actually worth hundreds of thousands of dollars. If a dealership is forced to close down they can still sell their history files to competitors since the history is worth something because it means a customer base you can pull away from the old dealer, but ours is now useless. A data store worth hundreds of thousands of dollars is now worthless. We are losing customers faster than anything I’ve ever experienced before. I work the night shift and usually that means we wrap up at midnight, or maybe later if there is something serious going on. I’ve been at work till at least 2am every night this week just trying to get paperwork closed because it’s impossible to do it during regular hours and even when no one is waiting for you it’s near impossible. We are stuck in a contract that we cannot get out of without losing tons of money. We are losing too much money to stay in business. We are all looking for new jobs. PBS Systems doesn’t seem to care. They got their money.

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