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Published: 25 April 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

Motor carriers seem to always get taken advantage of. This company states on it’s website: “PDO Logistics does not receive commissions from shippers, which helps us make decisions that are in your company’s best interest.” Yet they in fact do receive a commission from the brokers they book the loads through. What they don’t want you to know is that in fact they are a broker, TLO Logistics USA. They will send you a fake rate confirmation that does not show their commission instead of sending you the real rate confirmation. You will have all kinds of problems if you get involved with their factoring company who will pay them and then by the time you get your money just see what has all been deducted from the real rate that you should have gotten from the load. Insist that the factoring company send you copies of the original rate sheets they are paying on and you will get your surprise. Talk about ripping off the motor carrier. You go to a dispatch service thinking they are looking to get you the best rate, when they are double dipping. You not only will be paying a fee for the dispatch service but on top of that will have your rate reduced by them adding on a commission. Worse is they claim,”Most of our dispatchers where former truck drivers so we understand your needs.” So former truck drivers are ripping off current truck drivers! I don’t see this company being around for long with this kind of dishonest service.

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