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I would never ever want anyone to experience anything as such. 

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Published: 22 August 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

Being a 26-year-old guy, I decided to get my teeth fixed to get back into the dating scene and by fixing I mean getting braces. I never had braces as a teenager so I had no fucking clue about this stuff. After looking for almost 2 months for a good dental clinic to get my braces, I zeroed in on PDX Smile Design. Trust me when I say this, even though the name says ‘smile’, you wouldn’t want to, after hearing my experience. These fuckers fooled me with their false marketing and schemes.
I thought that getting braces to improve the functionality of my mouth, be fluent while speaking and of course to look and feel good. After a lot of researching, I scheduled an appointment for 04:00 P.M. After making me wait for twenty minutes, the doctor came in and believe me, he could not have looked less interested. After greeting him, I started talking to him about getting braces and asked him for any suggestions he might have for me. Evidently, his laptop screen had something more important as all he could say in reply while looking at the screen was ‘hmm’. I had to repeat all of it so that he could at least hear it once properly.
It seemed as if he had to be somewhere and so, he hurriedly told me to get ready to undergo the procedure of installation of braces. Before putting on braces, the teeth of the patient are supposed to be cleaned. When my time came for the same, all the doctor did was telling me to rinse my mouth thoroughly and clean my teeth with my ‘fingers’. Afraid of being shouted at, I did exactly what he told me to. After this, he took the adhesive which is supposed to attach the braces to the teeth in his hand and instead of putting it ON the teeth; he put it IN my mouth. I felt like vomiting after tasting the glue.
Then it was time for putting on the braces. My mouth started feeling like a dustbin because of the adhesive, I requested the doctor to let me rinse my mouth to which he shouted at me for being ‘restless’. All I could do at that moment was curse myself for choosing PDX Smile Design. When the time came for securing the braces with elastic bands, he did not even do that properly. He left some of it loosely dangling from my teeth. On pleading continuously, he fixed it (or at least tried to). Finally, after a procedure which was supposed to take 2 hours at the most, I came out of the clinic after 3 hours feeling all dizzy and confused.
A week passed by and the pain was still there. On contacting the doctor, he told me and I quote – “It will feel like that for the rest of the month and after that, you will get used to it”. After listening to these words, I could not believe how a practical guy like me could make such a horrendous mistake of choosing such a clinic.
This experience was one of the worst experiences anyone could ever go through.

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