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Published: 21 July 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

When I was on the internet reading news stories, a story was listed as a new health product with remarkable results was being sold at CVS stores. I later realized that this was not a news story, but a product advertisement. But the advertisement looked like a news story. I clicked on the story and a Peak Life free sample advertisement came on my screen. The ad basically offered to send 14 somnapure tablets for a free trial. The add requested you to pay a $2.99 shipping cost for the free trial. I signed up for the free trial and found the product did not work for me. 18 days later I received a package with a second bottle of Somnapure. I check my on-line credit card statement and now they charged me $34 dollars for the second bottle. I found the ad and found at the bottom of the ad in small print “terms”. I read the terms and it stated if you did not notify them after 18 days after the free trial order they would send you monthly bottles of somnapure at cost. Normallly when I order something they ask you to check a box accepting the terms, which I did not. I called their help number (1-877-8693304) and after a twenty minute hold they answered. I asked to have my MVP customer status cancelled. The operater tried to keep me as a customer and offed me several offers on the product. Finally I had to tell her I lost my job and could not afford the product, and then she agreed to cancel my subscription. I then asked about their complicated return policy, and she finally agreed to reimbuse me $17 dollars to my credit card . This company is a ripoff company. They should be reported to thre better buisiness office.

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