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Pearl Capital Drinks Blood, Eats Money & Thrives on Fraudulent Activities

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Published: 29 August 2017

Posted by: Robert N. Ross

Every con artist has got a special trick to make the scam look like a real deal. I was baffled to see the amount of work and detailed research they do to find ways to play around system and use it against public. Why legal system is so poor? Why Scam artists find a way to pass through law and cheat citizens like me? This is a terrible thing. The only protective shield citizens have is the protection of judicial system. I was completely cheated, destroyed and emotionally manhandled by a group of thugs called Pearl Capital. They’re monsters of human beings. They don’t have conscience. My name is Simon and I lost 12 months getting over this dreadful experience.
I’d never got involved with people whom I don’t know in my personal and professional life. I know I’m not a master at scanning people and making concrete viewpoint. I usually take time to make a decision. When Pearl Capital started calling me to avail business loan, my decision was already made. I said no to them, right away. I’ve been approached by other such agencies in the past and they’re never able to sell anything to me.
These scammers were lucky in a way I was looking to expand business. I was looking to borrow a small amount in the form of loan and pay it at ease. I applied for $3000. The sales executives were so helpful I regretted the decision of not calling or contacting them earlier. They explained everything. I felt confident about it. It turned out to be the first and last time, I was going to take a loan. I’d a torrid time dealing with Stephen, the manager. The kind of experience these guys put me through was painful and unbearable.
I was only approved $1200 instead of $3000. It didn’t make much sense. I’d no idea what to do with this money. It was early Monday morning and we’re 15 days away from investing in our new business. I contacted the support team to discuss about it. The customer service team is stupid and full of shameless bastards. I asked for the supervisor and what happened next was unbelievable. The guy started shouting at me for not paying attention. He put the blame on me. I was taken aback. I called them expecting an explanation and what I got in return was an eye-opener.
The next bomb they dropped is to take $120 daily from my account. This was a big amount. I was never informed about it. I called them back but the result wasn’t any different. Pearl Capital is fraudster of a company. They suck blood and money, both. I lost a track of things. I had no clue what was happening. They transferred $1200 to may account without taking me into confidence and now, they’re taking money out without my permission.
Things were getting desperate. I made the third and final call and started shouting before they shut me down. This was the only chance I had. The bad part is they’re expecting it and they’re prepared for it. They did something that threw me off balance. I started receiving threatening calls. This was the last straw.
The official line 212-913-0903 and email addresses [email protected], [email protected] is another dummy sold by them. I felt scared, every time the phone rang or new mail received.
I was looking for a hiding place. I was emotionally and mentally harassed by these scam artists. They’d got me under control. They told me to pay the amount and interest to close the file. I thought it was the right thing to do at that time, considering how badly I was trapped. I followed the instructions and paid them.
I know I should have stood, shown more strength and fought them back. I didn’t because I wasn’t prepared. It took me 4-6 months to fix my account and 8-12 months to overcome the damage caused by Pearl Capital.
You should go ahead and apply for a loan from your bank. This is the safest option. I wanted to share my side of story to get a grip on scammers. They are dangerous and threat to society. I wanted to play the role of an ideal citizen. Had it been possible and under my area of influence, I’d have closed these agencies and ordered legal action against them.
I think putting businessmen under emotional pressure is a serious offense. This shouldn’t go unnoticed or unattended. I expect public and law enforcement agencies to come forward and work together to bring down these monsters.

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