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I would not recommend Pecan Park Dental even when forced at gunpoint.

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Published: 06 August 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

Oral hygiene is one of the most important things in the world. If there is no oral hygiene, it not only affects your breath but also your stomach and various other important components of the body. Therefore, oral hygiene should be taken care of properly and the quality of the care should always be the best. I decided to get my teeth cleaned after I realized that it was affecting my health in ay ways and therefore, I decided to look for reputed dental clinics online. After researching for quite a bit of time, I found Pecan Park Dental. I decided to go there and my teeth cleaned without delaying it any further.
I scheduled an appointment with Dr. Stephanie Bangs and went to the clinic early as I am a punctual guy. Sitting in the waiting room, I saw the receptionist misbehave with an elderly lady. I stepped and requested the lady not to argue with an elderly person. The momentum suddenly changed and I found myself in a fight with the receptionist. I decided to step back as I did not want to create a scene. I was finally called into the doctor’s cabin after waiting for almost half an hour.
I told the doctor about my problems. I also told her how my teeth are a little bit sensitive and requested her to use anesthesia before starting the procedure. She missed the anesthesia part as she was busy on her phone. She wrote the names of medicines on her pad and gave them to m and told me to come in after five days.
After five days, there I was, in the waiting room. The receptionist looked at me as if she wanted to kill me. I decided to not look at her, not even unintentionally. I was called in. I saw the doctor cleaning her instruments as she told me she was going to use manual instruments for the scaling process. I could not help but think about the rusted instruments harming me.
Finally, the procedure started and she did not bother to use anesthesia and started the process hastily. It seemed that she had to get somewhere and thus the hastiness. The scraping instrument hurt my teeth and I requested her to go a little easy but she did not pay heed to my request. The same instrument hurt my gums and for the third time, I was in pain. The doctor completed the procedure as fast as she could and rushed out without even prescribing any medicines.
I went outside exhausted and asked a staff member for a glass of water as I was too thirsty. One look from the receptionist and the staff member slid past me pretending that he did not hear me. I saw the receptionist grin as I was leaving the clinic.
That place is filled up with uncompassionate and rude people who do not care about the patients.

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