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I needed therapy after my experience with this place

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Published: 08 December 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

So, I was at the mall with my friend on a Saturday, and she says we should rent a bike and have fun for a few hours. I wasn’t into the plan at first, riding a bike with that temperature was… Dumb. However, I decided to follow along because she looked excited.
We went to this place that, according to her, was the best place to rent bikes, and rented 2 electric bikes. This time I just waited outside the store until my friend came out with the bikes. Everything was great on the ride and we had lots of fun, I even recommended the place to someone. But I’m not here to tell you about that (you can read it all in my blog), I’m here to talk about what happened the second time we went there.
This time, we went with more friends, we all entered the store and picked our bikes; I realized that the man in charge was visibly annoyed by our presence, I told my friend that I didn’t feel comfortable with the way he looked at us, but she said it was nothing. We went out, riding our bikes facing the sunset, it was beautiful. At some point, one of our friends falls off his bike, apparently causing a scratch on it, though we never really saw it. After a couple hours, we went back to the store to drop off the bikes; all of a sudden, this man starts screaming at us, saying we damaged one bike, my friend looks at it and only sees a tiny scratch, but he agrees to pay a little extra for that.
The woman at the desk tried to smile it away, but this man was out of his mind, he threw the money at my friend’s face, laughed at us and said we owed him twice the price of the hour, he even threatened to call the police if we did not give him the money. My friend left the same bill on the desk as we all rushed out of the store, we got into the car freaking out about what happened and drove home as fast as we could.
I must admit, I was scared of this man, he looked furious, and he seemed like the type of man who would have a rifle right below the counter. I was literally waiting for him to pull out his gun and steal our money right there.
Needless to say, after this traumatic experience, I’m not going anywhere near this (or any other) Pedego store for the rest of my life! And, in case you’re interested, my friends will also be uploading their review of the store in different sites, so everyone knows about the store, and the crazy people working there.
Ok, I know this was very long, but I just needed to let it all out, thanks for reading, and hope to see you in my blog!

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