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Published: 22 December 2018

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Based on my short conversation with the customer service representative, and her offensively bad manners, I must question the ethics of this company. First, they called me via a computer-generated call. When I answered, the computer voice said I would be given to the next available operator. Well, I don’t know when corporate America decided it was acceptable to be so rude, but, as long as we put up with it, the rudeness will continue and probably get worse. Out of curiosity, I waited until a woman came on the line, said Penn Credit was calling and asked if I was the person she was calling. I asked who or what Penn Credit is to which she responded by asking me to confirm my address. I said I wouldn’t until told who the company is and why it’s calling. Again, she tried to confirm my address. I said I didn’t have to provide that information, to which she said, “”And I don’t have to tell you who we are”” before hanging up on me. Since Penn is a debt collecting agency, I suspect the call might have been about a Publisher’s Clearing House or Verizon, both of which are non-existent debts for which I’ve been unable to find an employee with the authority to make decisions. Corporate America is out of control. Ethics and professional conduct have been replaced by the need to satisfy their greed by any means necessary. The climate within which we conduct business has undergone so many adverse changes that the jokes of 30-40 years ago about it being a “”dog-eat-dog”” world have become our new reality. It’s worth noting that a closer look reveals that these adverse changes began when those born after the late 50s/early 60s entered the workforce. I believe this is related to the inferior education most of those individuals received, since, though no one has raised the issue, the fact is, we cannot have a K-12 education system that has failed to properly educate students without seriously adverse consequences. I don’t want to insult anyone, but some of these consequences, such as a poor work ethic; offensive arrogance and the belief they’re special just for showing up; their tendency to become angry quickly; their belief that the customer is always wrong, because they don’t make mistakes; and poor cognitive development that prevents them from seeing and reasoning more than one scenario on a chess board, is far more dangerous to our culture than anyone realizes or is willing to admit. We must stop this trend before it’s too late. .

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