Penny Lane Cocker Spaniels

Penny Lane Cocker Spaniels Review

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Published: 03 October 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

My son (7) and I went to pick up our puppy from Pat. She seemed nice on the phone and I was nervous about it the second I drove in on her property. The home was disgusting. she allowed her dogs to go to the bathroom inside the house (in a covered porch) and it was absolutely terrible. The puppy she presented was NOT the same puppy she had sent pictures of. She was small, shaved and DIFFERENT than what I was there to pick up. While adorable (as all babies are) I knew in my gut this was not right. however I proceeded. My son and I witnessed her dangling a puppy from its neck to “”TRAIN”” it to sit on a chair. She let it hang for multiple seconds and then would plop it back on the chair. She wanted it to sit there for hours as a calm dog I guess. We also watched as she gave the puppy a shot. This did not seem right or typical. She claimed they had been at the vet. Pat seemed flustered and out of sorts. We left with the puppy and all along I felt sick to my stomach and unsettled (even though I now had a baby in my lap who I felt I should save from this horrible setting. I could not get over my experience and called her the next day saying I was going to drive hours back to return the puppy. I claimed that I could not care for it and that my other dog didn’t like the new puppy and was acting too rough with it. During my phone call, she seemed to be getting upset and finally said she wasn’t going to give me my money back. She also claimed her relative (male) would be there. Conveinently around the same time I was going to be arriving. This made me suspicious again. As I approached her town again, I was very nervous. I ended up having a local police officer meet me and escort me to the home. Just to ensure my safety. He told me could only provide safety and could not do anything with the terms/money ect. He walked me to the door and I stood my ground. I did get my money back and had also canceled my check already through the bank. I returned the dog, knowing it probably had health issues already and really not wanting to take that on. The whole experience was horribly sad and disturbing. My son remembers every detail and I encourage him not to think or talk about it. I dont know what happened to that puppy, but I pray it went to someone else and NOT HER!!!!!!!!! DO NOT GO TO HER HOME AND DO NOT BUY PUPPIES FROM THIS WOMAN!!!!!!!

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