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Manipulation for money – no free service

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Published: 23 October 2018

Posted by: Per The Asshole

I’m Davis and I was one of the hostages at Per Wickstrom’s rehab centre. After a month long of torture I was set free from the centre. I was much more mentally stable than I was when I admitted myself at Narconon.

Staying there was a complete torture, with no psychiatric help. I was not allowed to contact any of my friends or family members, I was allowed no freedom.

Narconon was said to be a “free referral service” but the reality was different. They charged almost $3000 dollars per client.

Per Wickstrom is infamous for taking advantage of the court-ordered drug addicts, he convinced them to “forever recovery and best recovery” by hiring them once they completed their Narconon program. He also hired staff with criminal records.

His centres have faked certificates for counsellors who are assigned in their centres to help patients. Those patients become victims of their bad behaviour and are held hostage, they are not allowed to leave.

Per Wickstrom’s rehab centres need to shut down because there is medical malpractice going on inside, which the outer world is not aware of. There are a number of lawsuits against Wickstrom but no action seems to have taken place by now. He was recently heard to have partnership with Jared Blake. These centres need to be shut down and Wickstrom should be jailed for holding up such centres.

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