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Published: 05 March 2019

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I was contacted by this company a few weeks back, to discuss setting up payment of my student loans. By the end of the conversation, they wanted my 1099; my husbands last two paystubs and for me to fill out Form O found on the following website: When I tried to download the form, it would not download. The girl on phone proceeds to explain to me about needing Adobe Reader, which I informed her I had and it still wouldn’t download. As she continues to tell me how to download Adobe Reader, which YES, I had already told her I had on my computer, I explained to her that I have a degree in business and work from home, which entails me not only owning a computer, but knowing what type of programs are on it and how to use them. Finally I tell her I will check my programs and try to download it again in a while. She tells me to send my 1099 and my husband’s last two paystubs via email. (which I did not do…I wanted to get the document filled out and would send them together) I finally figured out that on their website, the forms were saved with an additional file extension, which was causing it to be un-downloadable. I emailed her 4 times, asking for the form to be emailed to me. After two weeks, she finally calls me and tells me that “due to privacy issues, they cannot send me the form via email”. I said…you are trying to tell me you cannot send me a blank form via email due to privacy issues. She says, Yes and besides we haven’t received the other documents we requested from you. I say, so let me get this right, you can’t send me a BLANK form because of privacy but you want me to send you my 1099 and other financials via email that have my SS , etc and your company doesn’t see a privacy issue there? Suddenly she was back to, well you have to have Adobe Reader to open the forms. My response: “LOOK I have a Bachelors Degree in Business; have been working with computers since probably before you were a twinkle in your daddy’s eye..I know all about Adobe Reader and the problem is with your website note my software. I am not stupid, but obviously you are. Until you can get me information about the legitimacy of your business, which I am doubting, don’t call me again!!” I have filed a complaint with the BBB, which ironically shows a history of this company laden with complaint…yet it has an A+ rating…I guess the BBB definitely gives a company what they PAY for!! .

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