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Published: 09 December 2017

Posted by: Anonymously

I never signed anything, let’s make that perfectly clear. I am on SSI and have been since 2006. I didn’t want this life for myself and as per the office of vocational rehabilitation I went through I was elidgable for student loans to go to college to try to get off from SSI. That didn’t work since I was unable due to illness to finish my degree and because of being low income I couldn’t repay the loans either. I had jumped through every single hoop that PHEAA and AES gave me, I was called names, and told that I was stupid and lazy. Enter this company. I’d heard scam report after scam report and today my SSI benifits were garnished to the tune of $158 enough that I can’t pay my rent out of my check. This is horribly scary for me since I am also a new mother and still undergoing threatment for the illnesses that have plagued me since I was 16 years of age. I never got one letter from them, even though they had my address I NEVER got a letter. Not one. My phones were prepaid until recently when my fiance decided to get a plan and put me on it. Well this morning I woke up and checked my goverment issues SSI debit card and there was the money missing. I called SSA and they told me it was student loans I called Phea and PHEAA gave me this company’s number. I called and left a message. I was called back. The lady that was on the phone was rude, told me that I had to take care of my debt and kept intruppting me when I was trying to explain my hardship. -She told me I had to pay a voluntary 3 payments before they would stop garnishing my benifits. -She then told me that I would have to make 6-9 payments contradicting the first statement made. -She then said that I was a liar and lazy for saying that I’d talked to other companies with in the disbality student loans office and that I wanted to make sure my information was very, very clear. I was almost in tears and having a panic attack at this point. When I told her that I was also making a phone call to the national treasury to get my garnishments stopped due to hardship, could I still make the voluntary payments that I could better afford until the disablity advocate company kicked in to try to speed the process along and to keep me from having my benifits garnished. She said no and repeated the steps above. When I asked for clarification on what she said she said I was rude, and she didn’t have to take it and would ‘terminate the call.’ I reminded her that I’m trying here but I don’t have the money to make two payments a month when I get paid once a month and after my rent is taken care of I have $100 left over but was still willing to pay at least $50 of that since I do get help with food and use cloth diapers and homemade wipes. She then said very rudely that if I got my information from these other departments that I could go ahead and call them but I had to sign a contract with their rehab program and I said you can send me the contract but I’m having a lawyer look it over considering I’ve looked up this company in scam reports and have heard nothing but horror stories and ripoff claims. I gave her no information and will be blocking the number if she calls me back at any time. So basically the company will not work with you, will not honor the laws the American Disablities association has set in place and even though she admitted to having my case only 300 days, and never hearing from me until this morning, that she had every right to talk down to me like she did. I have since gotten applications mailed to me and will be bypassing this company by the federal goverment and not some petty collections agency and will be filing a report to the better business bueru. .

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