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Published: 19 October 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

On January 21st I spoke to a representative about my defaulted loan. I explained to her that I have a disabled daughter that has been in the hospital over 6 times in the last few months because of a life threatening illness. The initial person I spoke to wanted to know when was I going to be available to talk at which time I explained to her I’m currently at the hospital with my child I’m unable to have this conversation and that I would call when I left the hospital. She then continued to ask what time would that be and I said I have no idea however I will call her back. After asking me repeatedly for a time I then hung up. Some hours later I returned the call she was not availbe so I began to tell Jeff how rude she was and I didn’t appreciate Her rudeness under the circumstances. The conversation with Jeff was ok and I told him I would send my papers over and call back, however before I could get out of the parking lot I was called to come back to the hospital. The next day came and I received a call but chose not to take it while at the hospital, finally answering the call from Jeff he explained I needed to get those papers in within 24hrs. I told him I’m still by my child’s side and I don’t want to give him a time especially dealing with a chronic illness. Instead the response I got was I will put this on a low priority hold until Monday. I can understand their position if I was working and had 50,000 income but I don’t the representatives need a lesson in case by case compassioN. The truth of the matter is they are trying to get me to pay 5 dollars a month and I don’t even have earned income any more what are they going to do garnish welfare… I have nothing but the ability and responsibility to care for my child before anything. I haven’t made one payment yet my loan went in default last June 2014. I can’t imagine that working with this company on rehabilitation of my loan would be easy. Sounds like they bring on as much harassment and stress no matter how nice your trying to be to them and explain. Shame on them! .

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