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Published: 24 June 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

I applied for loan information over the internet and was approached by several mortgage companies but selected Perl Mortgage in Tulsa because it was close to the property I was purchasing. I applied for a VA loan, and met with the Principals in Tulsa. I have previously been cleared for a 230,000 VA Loan through a company in Missouri. I assumed that Perl was competent. Going through the documentation (loan papers) I found that they completely ignored my disability and charged me the VA initiation fee. I had to go through the paperwork with a fine tooth comb and made corrections to most of the data and re-submitted to Perl. They said that the underwriter would fix all the data. Subsequently I continued with Perl but they kept dragging their feet. They ran 2 Credit reports and asked for documents that I provided immediately. 4 months on I was so frustrated because Perl was still asking for inspections, I had already had 3 done, they wanted a septic tank inspection. I told them that they were not transparent, they said the VA required and I proved to them it wasn’t so. I told the head of the office that he lied to me. We parted company when he got in a hissy fit and said that he was canceling the loan because he wanted to. No valid reason. We complained to the State of Oklahoma. DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH PERL MORTGATE AT ANY OFFICE.

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