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Permaplate Siskin Warraties Review

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Published: 19 December 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

I bought 2008 Honda Odyssey in Oct 2008, with this Permaplate Warranty for protection of leather, interiors, paint fadings and plastics, was told that its for 7yrs or 100,000 miles. As time goes by, i made a couple of reconditioning of the leather seats due to fadings and loss of gloss on the paint, which i thought due to cars age. i filed a claim late 2013 for noticed paint shade fadings, i sent a claim to them maybe in 30 days, they denied due to i should have filed a complain before 2 weeks, then read the fine prints on back of the paper and yes they are right but how would you notice a paint shade fading as you would always use only a car when you go to work, lots of things to do, and its just a matter of time when you will really got to notice this problems, its not like a blue color will turn yellow in 1 day. So they denied the claim, thank you Permaplate! I just ignored theyre denial and live with my life same as if nothing happen, since theyre not gonna do it anyways, i would not cry for you Permplate your a waste of money and i would not bought and make another mistake of buying your warranty again for my next car. This early Feb 2014, i got a small bump on the rear by another driver, so we settled to get that dent repaired, so as soon as i went to the body shop, the shop owner noticed on the 2nd row passenger side door paint was faded, he pointed it to me, and yeah hes right its very noticable, so i sent a claim that day to this Permaplate people, so after a week they denied it again because they say that claim has already been denied before and its not a new problem, thank you again Permaplate people, you are really worth buying! Paint fadings are not noticable for sometime Permaplate people, i dont stare at my car and looked at it all the time, we all got family to look for, and job to do, whatevr you do, what i know about is that when i bought your product, i am confident that you guys will be helpful during this time that this event will happen, nobodys gonna know this paint fadings until sometime, you think you are worth buying? Rip off!

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