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Published: 19 December 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

This is the same person that filed the previous complaint against me and continues with her vendetta of heinous unfounded accusations. As a producer, I deal with a lot of people who want to make it in the music business and in Hollywood. To my knowledge, I have not done anything wrong. Every time there is a response or rebuttal, this mentally disturbed person will post another complaint with a different email address and new name. I don’t know an Emma and there are many names that start with a "C". Normally on the "Ripoff Report" if someone has a complaint to make against a business or person, they will give their real name and or the name of their company. They don’t hide behind false identities. This person grabs photos of me off my Facebook page. She doesn’t even know the talent in the photos that she posted in the last complaint and she is not in the pictures. This person says that I am all about threatening her…I have never made any threats. In actuality, the only way to stop this person is in a court of law by filing a "defamation of character and cease and desist suit". Arbitration through "Ripoff Report" will not solve the problem. They will allow her to continually make accusations as long as their website exists because she can continually change identities. I am not a predator and do not stalk women on the Red Carpet. They come up to me and ask if I will have a picture taken with them. I don’t ask for their phone numbers, but sometimes they will hand me their business cards and in some cases will try to give me their phone numbers. I am very professional in public as I represent my company and there are always reporters a few feet away. This vindictive person who keeps filing claims against me, accuses me of being a thief, stealing and taking money from her. There was never an exchange of money or retainer fee exchanged, so how was money stolen? All our negotiations and financial transactions our handled through entertainment attorneys. I never showed interest or agreed to do her project, so how can I steal her project if I don’t even know what it is…? She suggested doing sexual favors for me if i would produce her… I told her that I do not do the "producers couch" and I ended the phone call. This person says to leave her alone. I don’t call, text or Facebook message people except for business and personal friends. Since investigation, disclosure and litigation are currently in place, i wouldn’t contact this person anyway because of legal issues. There is no way I would make a statement about pictures that she said I made; there are reporters constantly around at these events and I am very careful with my statements and just try to be professional and polite to everyone. "Since "RipOff Report" refuses to disclose any information of who made these complaint, we have to go through the process of getting a court subpoena to obtain the information to prove who made the accusations. Through our investigation, we now believe we know the identity of this girl. What she doesn’t realize is that IP addresses are attached to all emails and everything can be traced. You can’t say false, injurious, damaging and libelous statements even on the internet without penalty and suffering severe consequences.

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