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Published: 18 February 2018

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I just moved from Florida to North Carolina so I called Pet Plan to give them a new address. Five minutes after we hung up my phone rang. It was the same agent stating, “Your premium is now $1100 instead of $743.” I replied, “Even though my cat is the identical cat when I signed up, I have to pay $450 more a year because I live in another state?” “Yes”, they repled. The public needs to know there are huge gaps in Pet Plan’s pricing. If you move and decide to find another pet insurance company, because Pet Plan’s annual becomes ridiculous, your cat may now be at an age which would land you in a higher premium. Like my cat, who is now 18yrs old. So I can get financially raped by Pet Plan or land in a high bracket starting over with a new pet insurance agency. I will file my current insurance claims and then cancel. I have very little faith the claiims process will be fullfilling. The recording you hear while on hold says, “Pet Plan even covers all congenital and hereditary conditions, as long as they are not pre-existing.” Umm…hereditary would mean it’s pre-existing. .

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