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That place should be shut down permanently.

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Published: 06 August 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

After enduring continuous pain for almost a week, I finally decided to go and get my teeth checked. It started after I accidentally crushed my lower teeth while chewing something. At first, I thought a few days later, the pain will cease to exist but when that did not happen, I got scared and decided to get it checked out. Several Google searches later, I found Petaluma Dental Group and after reading all the ‘assured’ facts, I decided to go there for getting my teeth checked. I scheduled an appointment for the very next day at 3 P.m.
The pain had increased so much that I went there early so as not to be late for my scheduled appointment. Even though I requested the receptionist not to make me wait for a long time as a formality, she decided to let another patient go in before me. I had to wait till 4 P.M to get in. The doctor told me to wait as he had something more important to do on his phone for fifteen minutes than check his patient who had his appointment snatched away from him by someone else. Finally, the doctor got off the phone and asked me about my problem. After listening to me, he did an X-Ray and told me that I had a cavity that would need to be filled to as soon as possible. I told him to do it the very next day but he told me he is busy tomorrow. He told me to come after two days. I asked him to prescribe medicines to ease the pain. He wrote it on his pad and gave it to me. The medicines did not help at all. All they did was give me momentary relief.
I went in to get my cavity filled after two days of suffering. The doctor called me in and I saw him washing his instrument with his assistant. He used a light anesthetic to numb the required areas. The next thing he did was take the drill from his assistant while his assistant held me, and drill into the affected region. I do not know how, but the drill somehow touched my gums and there was blood. The doctor did not seem to care and continued. He drilled out the decayed pulp and I felt it. The anesthesia seemed to have stopped working.
He did not ask me for the type of filling that I wanted and went ahead and filled it with composite fillings. I wanted to go for the glass one as I had read that they were more durable. After the process was complete, I could feel the pain caused by it. On asking him when should I come back for a routine check-up, he simply shut me out by saying “No need”. He told me the pain would subsidize after a week or so.
The pain did not cease to exist. When I called the doctor, he told me that it must have been my fault and that I must have not taken care of my teeth after the procedure. He blocked my number after this. I furiously deleted his number. When I went to another clinic, I was told that the area was infected as the filling had not been done properly.
I had to undergo filling one more time to rectify the mistake made by the doctor at Petaluma Dental Group. I hope that it does for that place is all about making money and that is their only goal.

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