Peter C. Bronstein

Peter C. Bronstein and his law office are nothing but a big fat sham!

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Published: 22 August 2017

Posted by: Myra R. Sauls

Peter C. Bronstein is nothing but a sham of an attorney and he does nothing but rips people off. That is the sole thing that he is good at. This attorney is the biggest scam artist on this face of this earth.
I hired him to file a motion for me and even paid him an advance of $2500. He not only did not bother filing it but also decided it would be great to just disappear and not answer my calls or texts. Saying I was livid is an understatement. I wanted to destroy him!
He is nothing but a lowlife degenerate and a sorry excuse for a human being. Cheats like him have only one place to be – behind bars. I request everybody to be cautious and stay away from him and the likes of him. He may very well do with you what he did with me. I also recently found out through some thorough research that he has a long history of pulling these scams on people and ripping them off!
I advise you all to stay as far away from him as possible!

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