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Published: 08 February 2018

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I totally agree with Dave. I bought German Shepherd from Peter and one day later it developed Parvo Virus. After spending over $3000.00 on vet bills I ended up having to take Peter and eventually his wife to small claims court. I won my case but it still took over 2 years to get my money. Peter tried every way possible to avoid payment. Only after being persistent in repeatedly taking him to court and having a warrant issued against him for repeatedly failing to appear did he finally pay me. His word and contract are totally worthless and if you have a problem with the dog he will go out of his way to ignore you and the court to not honor his contract. I even had to get the CKC after him because he diddn’t send me my registration papers. If Peter wants to refute any of my allegations I have pages and pages of e-mails,courtpapers ,court service papers and veterinary letters that I can produce that will show I’m telling the truth. He is by far the most unsrupulous person I have met in a while. I hope anyone that is thinking of buying a dog from Peter will think twice after reading this. RUN AS FAST AS YOU CAN AWAY FROM PETER CADMAN AND CROSSHILL KENNELS. WAYNE .

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